Gentle and Therapeutic Exercises for Swollen Joints

Exercises for Swollen Joints

The chances are that by now, you know that having an exercise routine or regular workout plan is an essential part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Numerous pieces of scientific research emphasize the benefits of exercising when it comes to overcoming diseases, reducing your chance of chronic illness, and improving your overall wellbeing. While knee compression sleeves can help to reduce knee joint injuries and improve recovery times, it's still possible to suffer from joint-related issues as a result of regular physical activity. 

If you suffer from painful, or swollen joints, exercises for swollen joints can reduce the progression of arthritis pains and joint paints from an acute to chronic level. The following exercises for swollen joints are designed to reduce the discomfort of inflammation and lower your risks of suffering from further injury in the future.

Low-Impact Cardio

Swelling around the knees can help to decrease mobility, stability, and functionality in the joint during physical activity, therefore, cardio exercises for swollen joints that take place in a controlled environment, and offer low-impact movement are best for improving circulation and reducing pain. Swimming is a great option for low-impact cardio, as it puts no additional strain on the joints. What's more, cycling on a recumbent stationary bike can also be ideal, so long as you start off with a low to moderate resistance level and pedaling tempo.

Stretching Exercises

Stretching exercises for swollen joints can help to reduce the stiffness around the knee following the injury, while improving your range of motion. For example, you might perform a hamstring stretch lying on the floor with your affected leg lifted away from the floor. Keep your hands, or a towel behind your knee to hold the leg up until you feel a mild stretch towards the back of the leg. A quadriceps stretch can also be a good option, and this involves holding onto a countertop or chair, and bending your affected knee so that you can hold your foot with the hand on the same side of the body.

Strengthening the Joint

Finally, once the pain begins to subside, you might be able to try some strengthening exercises for swollen joints, as a way of improving knee stability and function in the future. Be sure that you progress very slowly with strengthening exercises so as to avoid additional pain and swelling. Sometimes, aquatic exercises that are performed in a pool can provide a safe and secure environment to build muscles without joint stress. What's more, seated exercises such as knee curls and knee extensions can also provide good starting points. In chair exercises, you may be able to gradually add resistance with bands or ankle weights.

Remember to be Cautious

When looking for exercises for swollen joints, make sure that you're careful about starting any new workouts or fitness programs that might exacerbate the injury. Consulting a physician or physical therapist before you start your new routine should be a good way to determine whether the regimen might cause you any additional problems. What's more, these experts also have some experience in providing additional assistance with your treatment program.



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