Simple Solutions for Painful Knees

Solutions for Painful Knees

If you've recently found yourself seeking out solutions for painful knees, it may help to know that you're not alone. Sore, aching joints are one of the most frequent problems that prevent people from engaging in regular physical activity - but a sedentary lifestyle can quickly make your issues worse, particularly if you suffer from chronic conditions like arthritis.

Knee pain can occur for a variety of reasons, and it doesn't necessarily occur as a sign of old age. Many active individuals find that they begin to suffer with pain around their knees and joints as a result of excessive strain being placed on their lower body during running or high-impact exercises. Even simply climbing the stairs to your office on a daily basis can be enough to injure your knees over time, and if you're a runner, something as small as a poorly placed foot on the track could quickly lead to injury. This list of helpful solutions for painful knees should help you to maintain an active lifestyle, despite those aching joints.

1.    Know How to Recover

While physical activity is important, the best solutions for painful knees typically involve knowing how to rest and recuperate after a particularly trying workout, or even just a difficult day. To help your joints recover quicker, use a knee compression sleeve to boost circulation in the muscles and ligaments that support your legs. At the same time, you might benefit from keeping your leg elevated, and using a combination of hot and cold treatments to manage inflammation.

2.    Manage a Healthy Weight

Carrying even a couple of extra pounds can exert some significant extra strain on your joints, contributing to the way that you experience knee pain. If you're heavier than you should be, then losing as little as five percent of the additional fat in your system can be enough to relieve significant stress in your knees. When seeking solutions for painful knees, try talking to your doctor about developing a weight-loss plan that appeals to your needs.

3.    Use Low-Impact Exercise

Regular exercise is vital if you want to strengthen the muscles and ligaments that support your legs and keep you stable during your average day. The more you exercise, the more your legs will be able to cope with the regular pressure that they experience, meaning that you won't suffer as often with painful knees. Low-impact exercise programs that involve swimming and walking can be a great way to start building up your endurance without forcing your body to deal with any additional discomfort.

4.    Seek Out Additional Help

While standard knee pain may not seem like enough of a big reason to seek out expert help from your physician or health specialist, a small problem with your joints can quickly evolve into something much bigger if it's allowed to grow and worsen over time. While solutions for painful knees like over-the-counter medication and rest can be a good place to start, if your pain doesn't seem to subside, you need to be willing to seek out additional help.



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