16 Easy Ways to Lose Weight Fast

16 Easy Way's to Lose Weight Fast

As obesity levels across the globe climb higher, and celebrity figures seem to grow more attractive, everyone is looking for easy ways to lose weight fast. We want an approach to health and fitness that delivers the body of our dreams, without having to change our entire diet or mess around with our weekly schedule, and the truth is - that isn't too much to ask.

There are actually hundreds of easy ways to lose weight fast, that still allow you to enjoy your life, and your favorite foods. Below, we'll cover just some of the simplest solutions.

1.    Praise Protein

Somewhere between 25% and 35% of the calories you get per gram of protein will be burned in digestion, compared to a maximum of only 8% in carbs. In other words, if you want easy ways to lose weight fast, start by switching to protein.

2.    Stop Sitting

Not only is sitting bad for your health - it's terrible for your figure. If you stand up instead of sit down - even when doing exercises that you'd associate with sitting, you'll burn about 30% more calories.

3.    Read the Labels

If you pick up a snack that's made with "high-fructose" corn syrup, throw it in the trash. It's one of the main ingredients in the obesity epidemic.

4.    Challenge Yourself

Know you can run so far in thirty minutes? Time yourself and run faster, farther, and on tougher terrain. Even if you just push yourself a little further with each workout, you'll see the difference.

5.    Ditch Your Dinner Plates

Want easy ways to lose weight fast? Throw out the old dinner plates and buy smaller ones. That way you can satisfy your hungry eyes without eating too much accidentally.

6.    Fill Up on Fiber

When it comes to filling your stomach with foods that won't add inches to your waist, fiber is a true superhero. More fiber in your diet means you won't be as hungry as often, and therefore will be less tempted to overeat.

7.    Don't Skip Meals

Starving yourself doesn't work. Refusing to eat for long periods of time means that your body will start to conserve fat and break down muscle tissue - the exact opposite of what you want.

8.    Weigh up The Options

If you want easy ways to lose weight fast, weights might seem like a heavy challenge, but ten minutes of lifting a day for three days a week can be enough to shave off the pounds in no time.

9.    Slow Down on Spuds

No matter how they're prepared, potatoes raise your insulin levels, pushing your body to start storing fat instead of burning it.

10.                       Get Slim

Using a waist trimmer belt will help to focus your core temperature so you burn calories much faster during workouts.

11.                       Get Hydrated!

By chugging plenty of water before a meal, you'll fill up some of the empty space in your stomach, reducing your appetite and making you less likely to binge.

12.                       Substitute

If you go out to eat and your meal comes with a side of potatoes or pasta, ask whether you can switch out for vegetables instead. Most places will be happy to accommodate your request.

13.                       Brush Your Teeth

Studies suggest that the minty-fresh taste of toothpaste will help to keep your stomach lean by reducing your desire to snack in between meals.

14.                       Drink no-Calorie drinks

Easy ways to lose weight fast are sometimes as simple as ditching one unhealthy habit. Instead of drinking soda, stick to sugar-free coffee, tea, and of course, plenty of water.

15.                       Know How to Snack


Snacking on healthier foods in between meals such as nuts and seeds will help you to avoid overeating at dinner and lunch, while keeping your metabolism working at full-pace.

16.                       Cycle Calories

By adjusting the amount of calories you eat each day so that you eat less on Tuesday and more on Wednesday, you'll keep your metabolism burning down calories at a faster rate.


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