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We are wholeheartedly dedicated to bringing you the best in fitness accessories that help you stay active, lose weight fast and overall support you so that you can perform your best. We believe in products that work so well, you’ll forget they’re there. We believe in bringing you products that... Read more →

Welcome to Active Gear Sports Wear

Our focus is fitness.

That means that each and every product we offer, from weight-loss boosting waist trimmer belts, to professional compression clothing, has been designed and tested by sportswear experts.

We deliver effective solutions to workout worries, so that you have the sportswear you need to lose weight fast, avoid injury, and access a high-quality approach to your active lifestyle.

Whatever your Goal, ActiveGear will Get you there

Dedication to fitness comes with many ambitions. Some people simply want to improve their running technique so that they can beat a personal best, whereas others want to lose weight, or promote their cardiovascular health.

Whatever's driving you forward, ActiveGear is here to support you - providing every customer with reliable products, excellent customer service, and top quality athletic innovation.

Unhappy with your order? We'll do what we can to correct the problem with our Money Back Guarantee. Need guidance on choosing the products that are right for you? Our blogs and articles will help educate you with the latest fitness tips.

From knee support when you need it most, to calf compression sleeves that help you side-step shin splints - we've got the sportswear you need to overcome any challenge. What's more, because each product is made from the best possible materials, we're able to offer durable, reliable, and long-lasting satisfaction - purchase after purchase.

Achieve Your Full Potential

We produce the best in compression wear, active apparel, and weight loss accessories designed to help you train hard, recover quickly, and achieve fitness success. Our workout products mean that you never have to worry about an injury impacting your performance.

Need support for quick physiotherapy? Our amazing calf compression sleeves are made using supportive moisture-wicking materials that provide therapeutic graduated compression for reduced cramping, improved comfort, and boosted circulation. When running, a set of compression socks will help to diminish fatigue and aid smoother movement. After injury, these calf compression bandages maximize the delivery of oxygenated blood to damaged tissues for quick recovery.

Suffer with aching joints and painful knees? Our high-quality neoprene knee sleeves use thermal neoprene material for soothing comfort and compression that reduces pain caused by inflammation or overuse. Each sleeve offers an adaptive level of support and stabilization for the knee and surrounding muscles during a workout - so you can perform at your best.

Want to turn up the heat on your exercise regimen? Our premium waist trimmer belt made with moisture-repelling material helps to build the ideal core temperature in your abdomen - enhancing calorie burning abilities while maintaining quality comfort. The unique composition means that you get all the benefits of waist trimming technology, without having to worry about suffocating or slippery material.

Are you ready to get more out of fitness?

No matter the challenge, ActiveGear is here to help.

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What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.

Ralph Marston

Hello from Active Gear

ActiveGear Waist Trimmer Belt

What Customers Are Saying About Us

"I got this product because I like to use it when I put on creams and wraps on my abdomen area. It is made of t-jersey material for extra breath-ability. It is light-weight and a..."

"Love it!" - S.K.

"My fiance is 6ft tall and it fit him perfectly! He always has knee pains because he is a landscaper and he is on them constantly all day long. I put this on him today..."

"Perfect for active people" -Lorriane

"I have friends that use the active gear waist trimmer/lower back support belt so I could not wait to try it myself, especially for my gym workouts. I have used it 2 days now and..."

"Waist no more!" - sanjamie

"This is a great product for everyone who has ever suffered a knee injury, have weak knees or play a lot of sports. Unlucky for me i have a knee injury in car accident and..."

"Amazing knee support from Active Gear" - Saqib Noor

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