About Us


About ActiveGear

Your Lifestyle is Important to us, this is why we want to make sure that we are offering you value after your purchase with free exercise routines and challenges from our fitness coaches. Whether your working out at home or at the gym, you know that consistency counts.

We Care About your Health

We know just how important it is to stay fit and keep moving - whether you're dedicated to your daily gym workout, or your afternoon run. With that in mind, we develop products to support your comfort, enhance your athletic ability, and improve your endurance, day after day.

Every product we produce - from our Large Exercise Mats and Oversized Yoga Mats, have undergone vigorous testing to ensure maximum reliability, incredible durability, and top-of-the-range appreciation for all of our customers. We want you to be sure that you're receiving the very best every time you reach out to us for sporting help.

Get ready to take control of your health with ActiveGear®.