Breakfast Foods to Banish Belly Fat

Banish Belly Fat

Everyone wants to banish belly fat, but getting rid of that extra bulge around your waist is a lot more difficult than you realize. In one of our most recent articles, we addressed some of the foods that you need to keep in your fridge to help you get rid of the dreaded visceral fat that could be clogging up your midsection. However, in this blog, we're going to focus a little more directly on one of the most important meals of the day: Breakfast.

Breakfast can help you to wake up properly in time for a long day at work, while supplying you with the energy endurance you need to make it through all the way to lunch time. The following foods could help you to start your day on the right foot, keeping you energized at work, while you banish belly fat, and avoid unnecessary calories.

1.    Blueberries

Research has found that a diet with plenty of healthy morning blueberries may help to banish belly fat. Even if your blueberries are frozen and thrown on top of your oatmeal for some extra crunch, they'll maintain the majority of their nutritional benefits, including the antioxidants that are perfect for clearing your system of unwanted toxins.

2.    Almonds

Before you wrap your waist trimmer belt around your stomach first thing on a morning, try enjoying a handful of delicious almonds to keep you feeling fuller throughout the day. Studies suggest that monounsaturated fats are a secret ingredient for burning away unwanted fat, particularly that stubborn stuff that clings to your stomach. For a fun twist, try adding some almonds to your morning smoothie for a hearty breakfast.

3.    Grapefruit

Want to banish belly fat and enjoy a refreshing dose of fruit at the same time? The flavonoids in citrus fruits assist the liver in burning through fats more efficiently according to studies, meaning that half a grapefruit could be one of the best ways to start your day. In fact, some scientific study has even gone into looking at the benefits of grapefruit for obesity treatments of the future.

4.    Peanut Butter

Sure, your average dose of peanut butter might be loaded with calories, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's all bad. Peanut butter should be eaten sparingly if you want to banish belly fat, but it contains plenty of monounsaturated fats that are great for slimming your waist. Try dipping a stick of celery into some peanut butter rather than spreading it on your morning toast.

5.    Low-fat Yogurt

Finally, obese men and women in a recent study looking at low-calorie diets ate three daily portions of yogurt to measure the effects. The results found that yogurt-eating individuals lost 81% more abdominal fat than those who didn't. Those are statistics that you really can't ignore. Add some fresh or dried fruit into your yogurt if you're worried that it'll be a little too flavorless for your tastes, or a handful of chopped nuts for texture.



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