Introducing a Knee Pain Treatment that Boosts Athletic Performance

Enjoy full freedom of movement with the new, Active Gear professional-grade knee compression sleeve…

When it comes to getting, and staying healthy today, many of us face several challenges. We struggle to find the time to commit properly to our workout routines, or find ourselves finding excuses to avoid going to the gym. Once you finally convince yourself to get active - whether it's to enjoy more energy, lose weight, build strength, or even ensure a longer, happier life, you face yet another problem: knee pain.

The joints of your knee play a crucial role in supporting your bodyweight. Every day, when you get out of bed and walk to work, or even climb the stairs to the bathroom, you're placing additional pressure on the complex system of interconnected muscles, ligaments, and bones around your knee joint. Since we all rely on our knees extensively, it's no surprise that knee pain is a very common problem - both as a result of day-to-day wear and tear, and sporting injuries.

The Need for a Knee Pain Treatment

Knee pain can come from a host of injuries, including torn or swollen ligaments, sprains, meniscus or ACL tears, cartilage problems, and more. Most people will experience knee pain at some point in their lives, and for some, the discomfort can even be so severe that it limits their daily activities. For others, mild knee pain can even be a serious hindrance to the active lifestyle they so desperately want to lead. No matter what causes your knee pain, it's a problem that shouldn't ignored, and that's why ActiveGear have stepped in to help.

Our new and improved professional knee support sleeve works to eliminate some of the most common symptoms of knee pain - regardless of whether you're recovering from an injury or simply trying to prevent everyday discomfort. The specialist formula and durable material come together to provide comforting, graduated pressure that enhances blood circulation and removes pain, as well as other concerns such as:

  • Swelling
  • Stiffness
  • Popping and patella displacement
  • Instability when standing or moving
  • Problems with bending or straightening the knee

Feel Confident with Every Step

Scientifically developed to enhance knee function when you're walking, running, standing, or sitting, the new neoprene knee sleeve is perfect for a range of activities - no matter whether you're playing high-intensity supports like squash and tennis, or lifting weights at the local gym. The breathable mesh design provides non-slip 24-hour comfort, while the strong neoprene structure offers exceptional support to keep your femur, tibia, patella, and fibula well-aligned for motion.

Because the new Active Gear compression sleeve is designed to support the full structure of the knee, it helps to prevent medial meniscus and anterior cruciate ligament tearing, without restricting your range of motion. Unlike other bandages that limit your movement, the active gear neoprene knee sleeve stops dangerous patella movement, while supporting your everyday freedom, so that you're able to perform better than ever! The sleeve can also help the brain to pinpoint your joint's position which leads to enhanced spatial awareness, and reduced risk of injury - no matter whether you're running, jogging, or walking around the home!

Knee Pain Treatment with Added Athletic Performance

Unlike other knee treatment solutions that restrict motion, the ActiveGear neoprene knee sleeve is designed to reduce the everyday and sporting discomfort that puts your knees under pressure, without limiting your activities. After all, we all know how important it is to get fit these days, but when pain in the joints leaves us cringing at every step, it's hard to find the motivation required to make the progress we need.

Compression sleeves like the new ActiveGear knee sleeve increase blood flow and oxygen movement throughout the knee, lubricating the joint and increasing the delivery of healthy nutrients to the supporting structures. This means that you overcome injuries faster, and limit your risk of discomfort in the first place. What's more, the new mesh panels make the sleeves suitable for all-day wear, as the perfect knee pain treatment that boosts performance too!

ActiveGear Care and Attention to Detail

The latest ActiveGear compression knee sleeve is available from in a range of sizes to suit men, women, and children. Designed with premium materials to last a lifetime, the ActiveGear guarantee also ensures that you will achieve full satisfaction, or get a refund.

Don't you think it's time to find a knee pain treatment that boosts your athletic performance too?

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