Waist Slimming Foods to Fill Your Fridge (and your stomach)

Waist trimming has emerged as a serious fitness trend these days. With celebrities like Kylie Jenner explaining her latest slimming tricks to the world, and even world-famous "bass" lover Meghan Trainor admitting that she had her last video photo-shopped to make her waist look smaller, it's no wonder that we've found a whole new love for our waist slimming belt.

However, it's worth remembering that getting the perfect midsection isn't all about what you wear, or even what you do with your spare time. In fact, some waist-trimming accessories do more harm to your body than good. While research admits that the popular waist-trainers of this year can be okay to use in moderation, it's far safer to stick to a secure waist slimming belt, and take a closer look at your diet.

While staying active with high-intensity workouts designed to build your muscles and banish fat with sweaty cardio can be a great way to start sculpting the ideal body shape, it's also worth noting that what you eat counts too.

Waist Slimming Foods

Waist Slimming Foods: Designing a Better Diet

When it comes to staying in shape, it's easy to remind yourself that you should be selecting healthy foods, that are lower in fat and calories. However, it's much tougher to find a diet that slims down your stomach without leaving you feeling starved or overwhelmed by dangerous cravings. According to the dietician and diabetes educator at the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, a better body is all about choosing a nutritionally balanced diet that's higher in fiber and protein. However, it's safe to say that there's no one magic dish that will instantly slim your waist for you.

Fortunately, we've put together a list of some of our favorite waist slimming foods, to help you make the most of your waist trimming experience.

1.    Try a Bowl of Oatmeal

Let's start at the beginning, with a breakfast food designed to keep you feeling fuller for longer, without any negative impacts on your waistline. When it comes to waist slimming foods, oatmeal is a delicious whole grain packed with dietary fiber that will help to keep all of your gastro organs working exactly as they should.

According to a study published in the Nutritional Journal of 2012, adults adding instant oats to their diet managed to significantly reduce the circumference of their waist within a six-week trial period. Before you strap on your waist slimming belt, enjoy a hot bowl of oatmeal in the morning, with just a spoonful of honey for extra sweetness.

2.    Waist Trimming Berries

Now that summer is finally here, who doesn't leave a snack made up of fresh, colorful berries to keep them energized during the day? Berries can not only help you feel fuller when your stomach starts to grumble during the mid-day slump, but they also help curb some of the cravings we naturally have for desserts. 

Fresh berries are brimming with minerals and vitamins, and although they contain a pretty heavy dose of sugar, their high fiber can be a great way to slow down digestion, making them a useful source of energy. Try choosing ripe, fresh berries over canned fruit wherever possible, to avoid the unwanted calories of sugary syrup. You can even add a few berries to your oatmeal before work!

3.    Chia Seeds for Protein

Whether you're using tasty snacks alongside your waist slimming belt as part of a strength and cardio routine, or you're stocking up on waist slimming foods to take with you to the office, chia seeds are a must-have for whittling down the waistline. A superfood that targets the fat directly around the midsection, chia seeds help to energize the body with rich protein, keeping you feeling fuller for longer, and giving you all the fiber you need for regular movements.

In other words, plenty of chia seeds in your diet can mean that you don't end up storing extra food in your system - causing you to look heavier, and feel more bloated. Try adding these simple powerhouses to your salad, smoothies, or oatmeal.

4.    Spice Up Your Life

One of the biggest benefits of your waist slimming belt, is that it helps to build up heat in your midsection so that you can more effectively burn calories. With that in mind, it only makes sense that a good waist trimming diet would also consider the benefits of extra heat. A handful of red-hot peppers in your meal or a quick nibble or something spicy thirty minutes before your biggest meal of the day can help to rev up your metabolism by as much as twenty-five percent.

Not only do spicy foods help your metabolism to work faster, but that spike in calorie burning lasts for longer than just the course of your meal. In fact, you continue to get rid of extra fat for up to three hours after you've finished eating.

5.    Five-a-Day Still Works

Finally, while surviving on salad and fruit alone might not seem like a fun way to achieve long-term weight loss, eating plenty of salad greens and vegetables can be a great way to chomp your way towards a healthier body. Science backs up the idea that greenery is essential for a good diet, and in the International Journal of food Science and Nutrition, a study has shown that subjects who ate salad shortly before a main meal had a smaller waist circumference at the end of the trial than those who ignored salad entirely.

If you want to avoid salad leaves for a couple of days and grab something a little crunchier, you could try asparagus instead. Asparagus is delicious when roasted alongside a meal, and is high in vitamin C and folate too!

Waist Slimming Foods

If you're looking for a way to live a healthier lifestyle, and enjoy a smaller waist at the same time, Active Gear is here to help, with products and advice designed to produce a happier, healthier you. Stay tuned for more tips, blogs, and helpful articles on fitness.



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