The Best Ab Exercises for a Flatter Stomach

The Best Ab Exercises for a Flatter Stomach

If you're looking to sculpt a slimmer mid-section from a flabby stomach, then you're going to need the right combination of diet and exercise. After all, while investing in a waist trimmer belt can help to maximize the amount of calories you burn by focusing the temperature in your core, these accessories can only work best if they have the right workouts to optimize them.

If you're looking for ab exercises that are quick, simple, and perfect for delivering a flatter tummy, try some of the following solutions.

1.    Tap Trimming

Designed to focus the backside, thighs, obliques, and shoulders, this exercise starts off in the side-plank position. Extend your right arm upwards and keep your left hand against the floor, then lift your hips and stack your feet. Hold the position as you move your top foot in front of the other, then behind. Repeat around five times, then switch sides.

2.    Slimmer Sides

Once again starting in side-plank position, lift your hips and keep your feet stacked with your right palm on the floor, left arm reaching up past your head to create a straight line. Bring your left elbow and left knee towards each other, then return to the starting position and switch sides. This move will work your thighs, obliques, abs, shoulders, and backside.

3.    Pike

One of the best ab exercises for beginners, this move focuses on your thighs, backside, shoulders, and abs. Starting in a plank position, fold a towel underneath your toes and clench your abs so that you can raise your hips and slide your feet inwards until your body forms an inverted V. Repeat as many times as you can before exhaustion sets in.

4.    Waist Cinch

These ab exercises are great for use with your waist trimmer belt. Start lying on your right side, with your hip and right forearm on the floor. Stack your feet, and hold a dumbbell on your left hip, before lifting your hips to form a straight line all the way from your head to your feet.

5.    Trim Swing

Designed to sculpt the triceps, shoulders, and abs, this exercise begins in a reverse plank position, with your fingers forward, wrists under your shoulders, and your legs extended outwards. Drop your hips downwards so that they swing back between your arms, but keep your legs straight.

6.    Whittling Walk

Starting off in a standard plank position, bend your elbows so that your forearms rest against the floor. Move your left hand to your right elbow, and your right hand to the left elbow. Lift one arm over the other as you walk on your toes one step forward. Repeat with the other arm, then reverse to return to the starting position. This should work out your shoulders, biceps, and abs.

7.    Sweep

Work on your biceps, shoulders, abs, and obliques with these ab exercises. Starting in a plank position, fold a towel under your toes and crunch your abs as you slide your knees upwards towards the outside of your left elbow, then back into plank position. Switch sides to complete a single rep, then repeat.

8.    Lean Lift

Once again in plank position, work your backside, legs, shoulders and abs by lifting your hips and moving forward into downward facing dog. As you raise your right leg upwards towards the ceiling and bend the other knee behind you, flex your feet to stretch out your toes. Switch sides for a single rep, and repeat.


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