Slimming Yoga Moves for a Stronger, Sexier Waist

When people think about yoga, many imagine a gentle way to stretch out the muscles, banish stress, and welcome in relaxation. While yoga can be a great way to achieve all of these things, it's also capable of more than you might think, as an ideal source of exercise. Organized into the right routine, slimming yoga moves can actually take inches off your waist, help you trim away unwanted fat, and assist you into getting back into shape.

The following slimming yoga moves are designed to leave you feeling flexible, slim, and strong in no time - while still offering that moment of meditation that many of us need after a long day at work.

1.    The Cat and Cow Poses

Strap on your waist trimmer belt and start with something simple to ease into your routine. Warm up the spine and release your hamstrings with the cat and cow poses. On your hands and knees, breath in slowly, arching your back upwards and sucking in your stomach. Keep your head loose and hanging down towards the floor in the cat pose. As you exhale, drop your belly downwards, and arch your back so your tailbone lifts up, your shoulders are open, and you're facing forwards. Repeat alternating poses fifteen times to get into a great rhythm for the rest of your routine.

2.    The Chair Pose

When it comes to slimming yoga moves, this asana helps to exercise the muscles around the spine and strengthen your lower back. Standing on your yoga mat, bend your knees until your thighs are parallel to the floor - as though you're sitting on an imaginary chair. Lift your hands up above your head and bend your torso forward slightly. Hold the position for as long as you can before straightening your knees slowly to return to the starting pose.

3.    The Boat Pose

A great way to tone the abs, this addition to slimming yoga moves strengthens the abdominal muscles while toning the arms and legs at the same time. Start lying flat on your yoga mat, with your arms beside your body and your feet together. Breathe in slowly and lift your chest away from the floor as you exhale, lifting your feet at the same time. Keep your arms stretched outwards, fingers pointing towards your toes.

4.    The Downward Facing Dog (Variation)

Designed specifically to aid with slimming yoga moves, this variation of the downward facing dog helps to melt away fat from the lower abdomen. Start by getting into the downward dog position, and bend your left leg at the knee, bringing it up towards your nose as you exhale. Replace the leg and repeat the process with your right knee.

5.    The Plank

Perhaps the simplest and most popular move in yoga, the plank strengthens the buttocks, thighs, abs, shoulders, back, and arms. Start lying flat on your stomach on your yoga mat, pushing your toes off the ground and placing your palms next to your face. Push upwards with your hands to raise your buttocks into the air, and adjust your position so that your body is a straight line from your head to your feet. Hold the pose for as long as you can.

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