Could You Recover Faster with Compression Wear?

Could You Recover Faster with Compression Wear?

Let's face it, no matter what your sport may be - running, cycling, swimming, or even taking part in a regular game of office football - after we've been working out for an extended period of time, we start to feel the onset of fatigue. This isn't necessarily a sign that you need to immediately stop your choice of exercise, but it is a sign that you're going to need some time to recover at the end of the day.

There are a lot of techniques that athletes can use to counteract the reduced strength and energy they feel following strenuous exercise, but one of the biggest theories held by many professionals, is that they can recover faster with compression wear. After all, compression wear helps to promote better circulation, which improves the speed at which blood, oxygen, and nutrients get around the body and nourish those damaged muscles.

Maximum Workout, Minimum Pain

If you're trying to lose extra weight before a big event, or attempting to beat your personal best the next time you go for an afternoon run, the chances are that you're going to feel sore after your workout. This is a sign that you're pushing your body to accomplish more than it's used to, and can also indicate that you're working your way towards better results - as long as you're sensible enough to avoid injury.

One of the reasons why you can recover faster with compression wear, is that the graduated pressure improves circulation around the body, meaning that your muscles get the oxygen and nutrients it needs faster during rough workout routines. In other words, you won't feel the aches and soreness that come from starving your muscles of oxygen during a particularly tough exercise regimen.

Compression Recovery is Backed up by Research

Although the research surrounding the impact that compression wear can have on performance is still somewhat lacking, information that suggests athletes may recover faster with compression wear is plentiful. According to a study conducted by the International Journal of Physiology and Sports Performance in 2013, compression clothing worn after a workout has moderate effects on recovery time.

At the same time, compression wear can help you to get back on your feet following an injury, which is one of the most valuable ways to boost your recovery. After all, when you pull a muscle or injure a joint, you need to keep the limb moving to ensure good circulation. Compression wear maximizes those results by supporting the injured joints and muscles as you move, reducing pain and maximizing gain.

Compression Wear and You

It's worth noting that although there are many ways in which you can recover faster with compression wear, it's worth noting that calf compression sleeves and knee bandages will work best in certain circumstances. If you do fall victim to an injury during a sport, then it's crucial to speak with your doctor or physio expert about the treatment program that will be most beneficial to you. A health expert will be able to advise you whether compression wear, as well as numerous other solutions could get you back onto your feet quicker.

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