The Best Plank Pointers for Stronger Abs

The Best Plank Pointers for Stronger Abs

Want to burn away calories and build body strength at the same time? The following plank pointers can help you to carve out stronger abs, a slimmer stomach, and a healthier lifestyle in no time. There's a reason why plank movements have become some of the most popular exercise options around. Not only are they achievable by people at any fitness stage, but they're also easily adaptable so that you can discover a range of new ways to strengthen your core (without placing excess stress on your spine).

The following planks are best done when you're wearing your waist-trimming belt, as although these exercises workout your entire body, your compression belt can help to focus heat in a more functional way, helping to maximize your results for stronger abs.

1.    Plank to Pike

First, get in your plank position with your feet positioned either on top of a pair of paper towels, or a set of gliders. If you're at a really advanced level, you can even balance your feet on a stability ball for an extra challenge. Slowly bring your toes towards your hands and raise your backside higher from the ground so that you form a pike position. Keep your hips high, and hold your pose for at least three seconds before slowly returning the movement into your starting plank. Complete this rep 10-12 times.

2.    Twister Plank

Grab a few pieces of paper in different colors and place them on the outside of each corner of your yoga or exercise mat. Get into your plank position, and have a partner call out different color combinations at random, just like he or she would if you were playing a game of twister - for example, left hand blue, right foot green. Follow the instructions and hold each combo for three seconds, before returning to the plank starting position. Complete about 10 different combinations for stronger abs and a fun workout.

3.    Plank Out

With your feet about a hip's width apart, crouch down to touch the floor with the tips of your fingers. Keep your feet still, and use your hands to walk forwards into the plank position, using your core to control the speed and balance of the movement. Once you're in a fully extended plank, really work your body for stronger abs by walking your hands backwards towards your toes until you can return to the starting position. Repeat around 10 times.

4.    Rolling Plank

Lie with your stomach facing the ground, both forearms folded in front of your chest and parallel to the top edge of the mat. Push your body upwards so that you're in the plank position with your forearms against the floor, and shift your weight onto your left forearm, driving your right elbow up and backwards, so that you can move into a side plank. Return to the starting position and repeat the motion on your opposite side for one whole rep. Do this about 6 times in total.

5.    Tick Tock Plank

Situate your body into a high plank position, with your wrists below your shoulders and your spine as straight as possible. Engaging your core, shift your left foot out towards the side, keeping your shoulders and hips squared to the mat. Quickly jump your foot back into your starting position while moving the right foot out to the side at the same time. Continue the motion for as long as you can, alternating sides - you'll have stronger abs in no time.




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