The Top Workout Tips for Achy Joints

Workout Tips for Achy Joints

When you're in your twenties, you're far more inclined to join a gym and spend your free time working out than you are when you get a little older. As you get more involved in your professional and family life, there'll be more days when it seems easier to simply skip your workout entirely, just so you can avoid dealing with aching knees and other painful joints. Unfortunately, the key to good health is to continue a fitness regime that works best in accordance with your needs.

With some workout tips for achy joints, and a neoprene knee compression sleeve, you can strengthen the muscles around your joint, while improving the blood flow to your joint too - reducing the amount of discomfort you feel, and lowering your chances of further injury.

1.    Warm Up Properly

When it comes to workout tips for achy joints, some are applicable regardless of whether you're suffering with pain or not. A good dynamic warmup is a great way to reduce your chances of injury, and lower the risk of joint pain - particularly if you're older than forty. Joints will always hurt more when the tendons and muscles around them are stiff. Warming up helps to accommodate better tissue flexibility and circulation.

2.    Use a Compression Sleeve

Speaking of getting your blood flowing properly, a knee compression sleeve can help to improve circulation around your aching joints for a more flexible knee. What's more, these accessories are a great way to hold the joint in place properly, so you're less likely to struggle when exercises require you to perform quick stops or turns.

3.    Shift your Weight

If your knees are hurting most when you try to do lunges or squats, there's an easy way to reduce your discomfort levels. Shift your weight backwards onto your heels, instead of keeping it on the balls of your feet. This will reduce some of the strain being placed on your quadriceps and kneecaps, making your workout a lot more comfortable. Another benefit of these workout tips for achy joints is that you'll be able to firm your backside faster.

4.    Just add Water

The best workout tips for achy joints don't include pouring water on your painful knees, but getting into the water for a more comfortable exercise routine could be a good idea. Working out in a pool can be a game changer for people with painful joints, as the buoyancy of the water results in less weight being placed on the joints, so that movements make less of an impact. What's more, water still provides enough resistance for you to build and strengthen your muscles at the same time.

5.    Try Yoga

Finally, for a low-impact solution to improving stability and joint mobility, increase your flexibility with yoga or Pilates sessions. These routines also help to improve body awareness, so that you'll have better alignment and balance the next time you take part in a sport or try a new workout routine. Yoga has been found to work particularly well in people with rheumatoid arthritis.


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