The Best Beginners Exercises You Can Do at Home

If you spend most of your free time sat in front of the television, lamenting your doughy mid-section, then it might be time to start exercising. Fortunately, if you're low on time and funds, that doesn't necessarily have to mean that you should sign up for your local gym membership, or invest in a series of expensive equipment to transform your spare bedroom. Instead, why not try some simple beginner's exercises you can do at home?

The first steps to fitness shouldn't be so daunting. Strap on your waist-trimmer belt to maximize your workout routine and get started with a few of the following exercises.

1.    Press-Up

Potentially one of the most well-known, and popular beginners exercises you can do at home, the press-up uses multiple muscle groups throughout your body, for maximum strength buildup, and improved energy. It even prepares you for more demanding exercises that you might try at a later date.

To get started, get on the floor with your toes and palms against the ground, so that your body forms a straight line from your head, along your spine, down to your heels. Balancing your weight on your arms, lower your body until your chest is almost touching the ground, then drive yourself back up.

2.    Plank

Another great example of beginners exercise you can do at home that has been gaining interest in the recent years, planks are similar to press-ups, but without the dynamic movement. These exercises are perfect for working on your core in a way that helps to avoid injury, while building up that six-pack you've always wanted.

Start in the press-up position, but balance your weight on your forearms, instead of your palms. Again, make sure that your back is forming a straight line, and keep your glutes and abs as tense as possible. Hold the position for as long as you can, and don't let your hips drop.

3.    Deadbug

An exercise that works on your core stabilizers, rather than just your abs, this move is great for building muscles that you can actually use during athletic performances and sports - rather than just delivering a six-pack you can appreciate in the mirror.

Lying on your back, raise your hands above you and lift your feet upwards so that your knees are at a ninety-degree angle. Extend your leg until your heel is about an inch from the floor, then return to the starting position to repeat with the alternate leg.

4.    Leg-Drop

When people think of beginner's exercises you can do at home, sit-ups often come to mind. However, by preventing movement in your pelvis and setting your core to activate the muscles in your six pack, leg-drops could be a better option for improved strength.

Start lying on your back with your legs flat and your arms by your sides. Lifting your legs by tensing your core muscles, raise your knees up so that they're directly above you. Keeping your spine against the floor, lower your legs back to the floor slowly, and repeat.



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