Eliminate Knee Pain for Good

Eliminate Knee Pain for Good

Feeling weak at the knees because you've just scored a date with your office crush can be a great thing - but it's not so good if you're an athlete struggling with constant pain as you try to improve your lap time, or build up your muscle strength. Joint pain affects around one in five Americans, which is one of the reasons why supportive compression knee sleeves have become so popular, and this joint problem can hit you at any stage of your life.

According to studies, there's been around a 162% increase in knee replacement surgeries conducted in the last twenty years for people over the age of 65. If you want to hold onto your knees for a little longer, and make sure that they perform well in all aspects of your life, the following exercises might help you to eliminate knee pain for good.

1.    Lacrosse Ball Calf Smash

An exercise designed to help you get rid of some of the tension in your hamstring and calves, this exercise can eliminate knee pain for good by reducing the amount of strain put on your knee during exercise. Start by sitting on the ground with your right foot close to your backside, so that your knee is fully bent. Wedge a lacrosse or stability ball below your knee, and keep it sandwiched between your hamstring and calf. Create a force for compression by pulling your shin towards you, then rotate your foot in circular movements to help build space in your knee joint.

2.    Wall Calf Stretch

When it comes to exercises that eliminate knee pain for good, a lot of people neglect moves that focus on their calf muscles. However, if you run, or take part in high-impact workouts, then calf stretches are crucial for reducing the amount of stress exposed to your knee. Calves can be extremely tight after hours of impact, and stretching them can help to eliminate some unwanted pressure. Start facing a wall, and flex your foot so that your heel meets the space where the floor meets the wall. Your heel should be on the floor while your toes are elevated. Lean forward using your forward-facing leg, and hold the stretch at its deepest point.

3.    Half-Kneel Quad and Hip Stretch

Not only does this stretching exercise feel amazing, but it works great at improving the function of your quad and hip muscles. Starting with one knee against the ground - you can use a mat or towel to soften the surface, make a ninety-degree angle with both of your legs. Lean towards your front leg, and stretch the front of your hip downwards, and grab the ankle of the leg that is against the ground. Pull your ankle towards your rear for a deep hip and hamstring stretch, ideal when you want to eliminate knee pain for good.

4.    Straight Leg Raise

Finally, easy exercises designed to straighten the muscles in your legs, put almost no strain on your knee while strengthening your quadriceps at the same time. Lie on your back with one leg straight on the ground in front of you, and the other knee bent. Lift your straight leg about a foot away from the ground, and rotate it outwards, so that your toes point diagonally, instead of straight up towards the ceiling. As you get stronger, you can add ankle weights for more of a challenge.


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