The Essential Exercises for a Slimmer Stomach

Exercises for a Slimmer Stomach

As we move ever closer to the end of this year, now is as good of a time as any to work on burning away excess stomach fat and sculpting a slimmer waist. Although investing in a waist-trimmer belt can be a great way to rid your body of excess water weight fast, that's not its only purpose. Combined with the right set of exercises, your compression belt could help you to lose weight faster, focus your core exercises, and get more out of your workout routine.

The following essential exercises for a slimmer stomach are ideal when you want to burn away inches just in time for the Holiday season.

1.    Pike and Extend

One of the most popular and effective exercises for a slimmer stomach is the pike and extend - a workout move that targets the legs and abs at the same time. Start by lying on your back with your legs extended upwards and over your hips, and your arms overhead. Crunch upwards, pushing your feet towards your hands, and keeping your legs as straight as possible throughout the movement. Next, bring your arms back overhead as you lower your upper back and keep your right leg extended, as your left leg rests on the floor, then crunch up again, switching legs.

2.    Chest Flye with Leg Extension

Once you're finished with the pike and extend movements, stay lying face-up on the mat and bend your knees about ninety degrees over your hips. If you can, hold a dumbbell or weight in each hand, and extend your arms over your chest with your palms facing inwards. Keep one leg bent as you straighten the other towards the floor, lowering your arms out to the sides. Hold the position for a moment, then return to the starting position. Remember to switch legs for a full rep.

3.    Knee-Up and Overhead Press

A lot of the best exercises for a slimmer stomach involve using your legs as a way to work your core muscles. Starting with your knees bent, sit on a mat with your feet against the floor, holding dumbbells up so that they rest near your shoulders. Lean backwards carefully, and extend your arms up and over your head, as you lift yourself away from the floor a couple of inches, bringing your knees in towards your chest. Hold the position for as long as you can.

4.    Standing Side Crunch

It would be tough to find a list of exercises for a slimmer stomach that didn't include at least one crunch variation. The standing side crunch targets your legs and obliques. Start standing on your left leg, with your left arm extended out towards the side at a shoulder height, and lift your right foot a few inches off the floor to the side. Place your right hand behind your head, then lift your right knee towards your right elbow, in a standing crunch. Repeat fifteen times, before switching to the other leg.

5.    Lunge and Twist

Finally, to finish off your exercises for a slimmer stomach, work out your abs with a lunge and twist. Start standing with your feet together, then lunge backwards with your left leg, bending your knees at about a ninety-degree angle. Reach backwards so that you can touch your left hand with your right foot. Next, stand up, and lift your left knee upwards in front of you until it reaches hip height, then bring your fists to your chest, bending your elbow out to the side as you twist to the left, then the center and lunge. Remember to switch sides for a full rep.



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