4 Hourglass Exercises for a Slimmer Waist

Expert trainers and fitness professionals around the world are constantly helping women to overcome the problem of unwanted excess weight, and discover their inner hourglass figure. When it comes to working out and sculpting the perfect body shape, one of the most important problem-parts for many women and men alike, is also one of the most difficult to address.

While it's not generally possible to spot-slim your stomach, combining the following exercises for a slimmer waist with a high-quality neoprene waist trimmer belt, and a carefully considered nutritious diet should help you to trim away unwanted inches, and move another step forwards towards a gorgeous, slim waist.

1.    Jackknife Crunches

The jackknife crunch is an ideal way to break down some of the fat that has begun to store itself around your mid-section. When it comes to exercises for a slimmer waist, anything that involves lifting your body upwards from an extended position and working your abs is bound to make a good impression. To get started, lie on your back with your arms stretched over your head and your legs extended. Using a singular, fluid motion, lift yourself upwards and stretch your hands towards your legs, and your legs towards your chest. You can either leave your legs extended, or bend them inwards.

The main aim of this exercise is to work your abdominal muscles, so try to avoid using too much strength from your hips to push your legs towards your chest. At the same time, be sure to keep your back as straight as possible as you lower your legs and back towards the ground.

2.    Marching Plank

Planks are another staple in many exercises for a slimmer waist, and this variation adds something extra to the traditional move. Start by crouching with your elbows directly stacked beneath your shoulder blades, stretch outyour legs so that you look as though you're in the "up" part of a pushup. Balance on the balls of your feet, and hold the position for about five seconds.

Once you're ready, lift and lower each of your feet one at a time, keeping them at least a few inches away from the ground. Continue alternating feet for a full minute.

3.    Heels to Heaven

Exercises for a slimmer waist are rarely as fun as this option, which can help to work your buttocks at the same time as cutting down your stomach. Start by lying on your back and lifting your legs straight up so that they form a ninety-degree angle. Push your heels upwards towards the ceiling, and lower your buttocks and back until they are around three inches away from the ground. Release and lower your body back to the ground, then repeat, pushing your heels up at least thirty times to finish a total set.

4.    Dumbbell Side Dips

Don't worry if you don't actually have a set of dumbbells, these exercises for a slimmer waist can also work with any weighted objects, including heavy bottles of water. Start standing with your feet together, and your chosen weight in each hand. Your arms should be situated comfortably by your sides before you begin to lower the weight in your left hand towards the ground as far as possible without actually moving your feet. Once you've stretched down as far as possible, return to the starting position, and lower the weight on the opposite side of your body about the same distance.

Try to keep continuing with alternating dips for as long as possible, on average, you shouldn't stop until you've accomplished about thirty dips on each side.

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