The Home Exercise Accessories that Boost Your Performance

You don't necessarily need an expensive home gym packed full of the latest technology and equipment if you want to burn away unwanted fat and carve out the body of your dreams. While helpful accessories can be a great way to improve your performance, not every option is as beneficial as you might think.

From resistance bands, to large exercise and yoga mats, home exercise equipment doesn't have to be complicated. Following, we'll cover a few of the simplest home exercise accessories that boost your performance, without breaking the bank.

1.    Resistance Band

If you're looking for a way to tone your upper and lower body, while enhancing your flexibility for other workouts, a resistance band should be first on your list for home exercise accessories that boost your performance. Resistance bands are also a great option when you want to modify familiar exercises for a greater challenge, and they can be combined easily with other exercise equipment.

2.    Balance Ball

Another useful way to turbocharge some of the moves in your workout that might have lost their edge, a balance ball is an ideal way to improve your strength and cardio workouts at home. At the same time, this durable accessory can be particularly beneficial when it comes to developing muscle tone, as well as posture, core stability, flexibility, and balance.

3.    Compression Sleeves

Some of the most impressive home exercise accessories that boost your performance, compression sleeves are often overlooked by people who choose to work out at home. However, they can help to improve recovery speeds so that you can push yourself further during your next workout. What's more, a waist-trimmer compression belt works to enhance your core temperature and burn stomach fat faster.

4.    Exercise Mat

If you want to enjoy your home workout without the risk of injury, then investing in a reliable and comfortable large exercise mat could be a good start. Whether you're starting a new yoga regimen to help you get the most out of your flexibility, or committing to regular pushups, or ab work, exercise mats are an essential accessory. You can even use them for your post- and pre-workout stretching.

5.    Pull-up Bar

You don't have to be a gym expert to know that pull-ups are tough. That's why when it comes to home exercise accessories that boost your performance, a reliable pull-up bar that can be fixed onto your doorway can be an ideal way to enhance your upper-body strength. What's more, having a pull-up bar in place should motivate you to get some exercise every time you walk through the door!

6.    Jump Rope

Most of us haven't bothered to pick up a jump rope since elementary school, but when you're searching for portable and cheap ways to get your heart pumping, a jump rope can be a great investment. Ten minutes with one of these accessories is equivalent to about thirty minutes of running, which could be ideal if you're struggling to get enough cardio in your schedule. Just avoid jumping if you suffer with painful joints. Feel free to check out our Large Exercise Mats as they come with a free jump rope, so you can start your fitness journey right away!


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