Top Tips for Building Pain-Proof Knees

Tips for Building Pain-Proof Knees

The more time you take to pamper and protect your knees today, the more likely they are to keep supporting you throughout the rest of your life. Tips for building pain-proof knees can help to ensure that you can continue to stand tall, run fast, and enjoy an active lifestyle - regardless of your age.

Whether you currently suffer from pain or discomfort on a regular basis - particularly within your joints, or you simply want to avoid unwanted discomfort wherever possible, the following exercises should help to strengthen the muscles that support your knees, reducing your chance of pains and strains in the future. For a touch of extra support, make sure to use a knee compression sleeve during your workout routine. This will help to quicken recovery times, and reduce the chance that your joints will move inappropriately during exercise.

1.    Start with a Calf Stretch

When it comes to tips for building pain-proof knees, you won't get far without seeing plenty of excuses to start stretching out your calves. Not only is this a great way to build up the muscles surrounding your knees, but it can also help to improve your flexibility when you run or take part in other sports. Standing an arm's length away from a wall, place your left foot behind your right foot and situate your palms against the wall for support. Bend your right knee forwards slowly, keeping the left leg straight, and hold the position for about thirty seconds before switching to the other leg.

2.    Straight Leg Raise

The next step in this list of tips for building pain-proof knees starts with you lying down on your back, with your left leg extended outwards, and your right leg bent. Lift the straight leg up until your right knee and left knee are just as high as each other, then lower your leg slowly. Do about ten reps, then switch to the alternate leg.

3.    Quadriceps Set

Staying laid down with the left leg extended and a towel rolled up under your knee, press the back of your knee down against the towel while tensing all of the muscles in your thigh. Hold the position for at least five seconds, then release. Do this about ten times, before you switch to the other leg.

4.    Hamstring Stretch

Still lying down, stretch both of your legs out as straight as possible, before placing a long strap or towel around the ball of your right foot. Holding on to both ends of the towel with your hands, lift your leg until you can feel the space behind your thigh and knee stretching. Just as with many tips for building pain-proof knees, stop if you feel discomfort, and make sure your joint doesn't lock up.

Battling Knee Pain

Remember, the number one step in any list of tips for building pain-proof knees is to maintain a healthy weight. Every pound that you pack on places a significant amount of extra pressure on your knees whether you're walking, running, or taking the stairs.

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