Fantastic Workout Guidelines

  Fantastic Workout Guidelines

Now, let’s talk about people who are fit. You are not fit, even if you don’t have flab and muffin top, if you don’t exercise. Here’s the thing, fitness and workout go hand in hand, which simply means that for you to stay healthy, you need exercise and in order to exercise you need to be healthy. So, it’s wrong for you to think that, because you are not healthy now and you don’t have any visible fats on any part of your body, it does not mean that you shouldn't workout.

Exercise is the most excellent means to keep lifestyle-related disorders under control such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, diabetes, asthma, etc. For those who are anxious about hitting the gym, because they think that exercising means pumping metal-you are wrong!

Exercise because it’s good For You

According to fitness pros, the most effectual workout routine consists of both strength and cardiovascular training performed in a regular and consistent training. A good regime should be divided into;

  • Strength training
  • Cardiovascular activity
  • Circuit training

A trainer supervised workout routine always has these elements in order that’s carried out in every training session;

  • Warm up Exercises
  • Work out Exercises
  • Cool down Exercises

Warm Up Exercises

Warm up exercises are very important to perform before your workout moves to get your blood flowing and rev your system up. The stretching moves will perk up your muscles and will also help protect your joints, muscles, spine, back, neck and from sustaining exercise related injuries.

Strength Training

This is usually programmed depending on your fitness goals, that is, if you are under a fitness trainer. So, whether you want to get sexified for your wedding day, your upcoming birthday bash or reunion with friends, strength training helps you tone up your flabby arms, bulging tummy and your sagging butt. This can be tough at first, but with regular training, you can perform a couple or more sets of reps for each muscle group at least twice during the week until you can do additional sets and gain more strength, as well as, see the results.

Cardiovascular Exercise

This engages large muscle group of the body and is usually performed using the legs through jumping rope, aerobic moves, brisk walking, rowing, running, jogging or cycling for a minimum of 12 minutes. During this time your heart rate rises to your training range; 65% and 80% of your Age-Predicted Maximum Heart Rate.

 Circuit Training Exercises

Circuit training comprises strength training exercises and aerobic movements on the major muscle groups performed one after the other with little time interval between each exercise to maintain an effective training level. This workout routine takes significantly less time to attain results, as good as, that of strength and cardiovascular training.

Cool Down Exercises

Cool down exercises are performed slowly, as a way of decreasing exercise intensity to allow your heart rate to come back down to normal, before you quit exercising. Sudden quitting is not good and can result to muscle cramping and post workout muscle pain.

Getting fit and shaping your body through regular exercise is tough. To see the results takes time, however when you give it your full attention, you can be sure to reap the rewards and enjoy the results that you want to achieve.


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