5 Reasons to Wear Compression Gear While Working Out

Reasons to Wear Compression Gear

Although many athletes and gym-junkies are prioritizing style when it comes to selecting active wear these days, people with important goals to meet tend to search for clothing and accessories that also deliver an all-important edge.

If you're the kind of person who likes to push themselves when they go to the gym, or constantly has new events that you need to train for, you'll know how much pressure an active lifestyle can place on your body. In fact, the harder you work out, the more difficult it can be for your muscles to recover so that you can continue to perform.

Fortunately, there is a solution - compression gear. Compression clothing such as calf compression sleeves, is nothing new - you'll often see cross fit athletes, cyclists, and runners in skin-tight garments designed to help their bodies work harder. If you haven't been converted yet, the following reasons to wear compression gear could give you an insight into why this trend is beneficial for far more than just a fashion statement.

1.    You Could Improve Your Running Performance

A study conducted by the University of Essex this year found that test subjects wearing compression sleeves saw significant improvements to their running economy. To cut through the jargon, this simply means that the participants wearing compression garments burned less energy, and kept their muscles working at optimum speed for longer. When it comes to reasons to wear compression gear - what's better than boosted performance?

2.    You Can Stabilize Your Muscles

Have you ever been working out at the gym, when suddenly something twists the wrong way and you find you're barely able to stand up - never mind continue with your routine? Compression gear wraps your muscle for support and stabilization as you train. The careful design used in most compression garments then reduces excessive vibration within the muscle, which can otherwise lead to soft tissue damage, and premature fatigue.

3.    You Can Improve Your Circulation

Perhaps one of the most frequently cited reasons to wear compression gear - the right garments can boost your circulation through graduated pressure, which both aids in recovery and improves performance at the same time. Healthy circulation throughout the body ensures that your cells receive a reliable delivery of oxygen and nutrients for higher energy levels and more successful workouts.

4.    You Could Keep Your Muscles Warm

Ever wondered why you're encouraged to "warm up" before a workout? It's not just to get your heart pumping faster, but to warm your muscles so that they become more flexible, preventing fatigue and strain. Compression gear assists in these efforts, by helping you to overcome the sore, tight feelings that tend to linger after last night's workout. For this reason, compression sleeves can be particularly helpful during the cooler months and morning sessions.

5.    You Look More Professional

Finally, this might not be the most scientific of reasons to wear compression gear, but that doesn't mean it's not worth mentioning. Compression garments give you a sleek, professional look so that you can give off an air of confidence and power in any fitness setting. If nothing else, this should help boost your mood, and put you in the right frame of mind for a great workout.


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