Be Smart Before Getting On Your Fitness Routine

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Be Smart Before Getting On Your Fitness Routine

Summer is here and it’s going to be a lot of fun for sure! Perhaps you have waited for this season to arrive, so you can go out and do all your exercise routines that are only possible to perform when the weather is nice. But hey, this isn’t the time to take risks, especially, if it’s too hot. If the temperature is too high, you should take it easy, even if you are in good health condition. At the height of the summer season, everyone should be aware of the dangers; exercise safely and effectively.

 The season brings scores of fun and exhilarating opportunities for both the young and old alike to get outside, but the extreme heat and humidity can make it exhausting to exercise outdoors. It is advisable to take safety measures while exercising in the heat to avert harms associated with the heat.

Heat Exhaustion is Dangerous and Deadly

Heat exhaustion happens when your body gets too hot. Your sweat can’t evaporate fast when heat and humidity increase. When this happens, you will feel symptoms like rapid heart rate, weakness, headache, confusion, headache, dehydration and muscle cramps. Treat heat exhaustion by getting out of the heat and hydrate yourself, because, if you ignore these symptoms, you may suffer from heat stroke, which is fatal.

Here Are Some Best Tips on How You Can Beat the Heat and Not Give up Exercise

  • Get your health care providers’ go signal, before you head out the door to exercise in the heat. You may be taking some medications that can muddle up your body’s capacity to regulate temperature.
  • Hydrate your body. Drink before, during and after your exercises. Summer heat makes you sweat profusely when working out; it is highly recommended that you take sports drink with electrolytes for hydration.
  • Work out in the early morning or early evening during the summer. Do it before the sun and humidity levels get intense in the middle of the day to avoid dehydration, heat exhaustion and sunburn.
  • To prevent sunburn, apply sunscreen with high SPF. Choose an oil-free formula that’s sweat-proof. Wear exercise apparel with tight weaves and good wicking quality, so your body’s ability to cool itself down isn’t hampered.
  • Do not push yourself to finish your routine. Be wary of the danger signs of heat illness and stop your workout ASAP.
  • Steer clear of extreme temperate changes. Cool yourself down before entering a cold air conditioned room. Don’t exercise outdoors if temperatures climb above 90 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Take a dip. Do water exercises instead when it’s too hot to run or go biking.

So, there’s no reason for you to stop working out during the summer. Surely, with the warm weather season in full gear, you would want to break out of your indoor fitness grooves and enjoy your workouts outside. Just be cautious and smart enough to protect yourself. Remember these tips and you’re good to go.


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