Lower Body Exercises That Reduce Knee Pain

Exercise That Reduce Knee Pain

Our knees are incredible - yet we don't give them the thought or respect that they deserve. If you take a moment to think about everything your knees do for you during a day, you'll understand how essential these nifty joints are when it comes to completing various everyday activities, including running, walking, standing, sitting, jumping, and stepping.

The knee is one of the most complex joints in the human body, and they absorb a huge amount of stress every day, just so that you can stay upright. It's no surprise that many people find themselves searching for remedies and exercises that reduce knee pain - particularly as they start to get a little older.

If you want to keep your knees stronger for longer, the following lower-body exercises should be able to help.

Before You Get Started…

Before you begin trying out exercise that reduce knee pain, there are a few crucial things to remember:

A knee compression sleeve can help to keep your knee stable, and supported during your workout, as well as improving circulation for enhanced recovery speeds.

The most important factor in building healthy knees, is staying at a healthy weight. Every extra pound equates to around four extra pounds of pressure on your knees when you walk!

Be sure to address exercise options with your doctor before attempting a new routine, and if you are recovering from an injury, always complete physical therapy before graduating into these moves.

1.    Supine Straight Leg Lift

Exercises that reduce knee pain don't have to be complicated, which is why this list starts with something straightforward and simple. Lay on your back with your toes pointing towards the ceiling and your legs straight. Use the strength in your right quad to raise your leg away from the ground a few inches, then hold the position for ten seconds before releasing. Repeat the exercise ten times, then switch legs.

2.    Inner Thigh Squeeze

Sitting on a chair, or the ground, place a rolled towel or ball between your knees, then use the power in your thighs to press into the object as hard as you can. Hold the tension for a count of three, before gently releasing. Try not to relax so much that you drop the towel or ball, as you'll need to start squeezing again straight away.

3.    Single Leg Hamstring Bridge

These exercises that reduce knee pain are a little more complex, but still easy enough for beginners to accomplish. Lay on your back with your feet elevated on a step or bench, then lift your right leg into the air, squeezing your abs and glutes at the same time. Push up into your left heel and raise your hips away from the ground, before lowering slowly and carefully.

4.    Dumbbell Glute Lift

Finally, grab a light dumbbell, and kneel on all fours. Place the weight behind your right knee, keeping your abs tight and your back flat. Squeezing your glute, lift your right leg up behind you, keeping the dumbbell snug against your knee so that it doesn't fall.



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