How to Eliminate Belly fat: Understanding Visceral Fat and How to Get Rid of It


If you've been checking out the latest tips to reduce belly fat in your favorite magazines and websites, you'll have quickly learned that they all share an appreciation of the same unfortunate truth: Stomach fat is the hardest to lose. The midsection is simply one of the most likely places for people (particularly women), to store weight.

However, just because storing fat around your waist can be a common issue, doesn't mean that it's one you should be ignoring. Learning how to eliminate belly fat can help to give you a better frame, a healthier body, and even a happier mind. One of the biggest messages to come from the research into fitness at the turn of the century is that visceral fat - the type that pads the organs in our torsos - is a significant health hazard. Subcutaneous fat - which is the type that sits under the skin and develops cellulite - might not be pretty, but it isn't bad for you.

Visceral fat is a risk factor for everything from diabetes, to heart disease, metabolic syndrome, some cancers, and even premature death. Some researchers have suggested that the extra bulge you try to work off with your waist trimmer belt is actually a more accurate measure of health than your BMI.

How to Eliminate Belly fat


So What Can You Do About It?

The question of how to reduce belly fat is a complicated one, as it can require a significant amount of hard work and determination. While there are plenty of workouts and exercise regimens out there that can help you get into shape with powerful movements designed to maximize your waist trimmer belt's calorie-burning benefits, there's more to a slim stomach than an active lifestyle.

Sometimes, the answer to how to eliminate belly fat is as simple as changing up your daily habits, and looking more carefully at the way you care for yourself. For instance, did you know that eating more protein will help you to avoid snacking throughout the day by making sure that you feel fuller for longer? What's more, low-fat diets aren't as beneficial for your waist-line than low-carb diets when it comes to finding ways of how to reduce belly fat?

Reduce Belly Fat by Banning Carbonated Drinks and Booze

First of all, most people convince themselves that a slimmer belly comes down to what they eat and nothing else. Unfortunately, even if you spend all of your calories on salads and nutritious meals, you're not going to see many benefits if you're washing each bite down with a sugar-laden carbonated drink, or your favorite boozy beverage.

Anything carbonated produces unwanted bloat that even your waist trimmer belt will struggle to hide. Studies have found that high-fructose products such as soda can contribute to a slower metabolic rate. Diet soda is no better, either. A study conducted by the  Texas University of Health found that people who drank more than two diet soda drinks per day had a waist size six times bigger than those who didn't.

Alcohol is just as bad as carbonated beverage, as when you drink booze, you push the liver to process that, instead of the excess fat in your system. Some studies have shown that alcohol suppresses the body's ability to burn fat, which could be the reason why your efforts to reduce belly fat with your waist trimmer belt and a high-intensity workout simply aren't showing the best results. Other studies have linked regular alcohol intake to weight gain around the mid-section, as men that drank more than three alcoholic beverages a day were 80% more likely to suffer from excess belly fat.

Use Your Waist Trimmer Belt Properly, with Strength and Cardio

Waist trimmer belts can be a great way to reduce belly fat, but only if you use them in conjunction with an effective exercise routine. This means devoting extra time to cardio, and strength training. Cardio needs to be implemented into a routine to eliminate excess fat, as you have to sweat to really reap the rewards of a good workout. Unfortunately, there's been so much attention given to cardio training in the recent years that people forget about the other important ways to build their fat-burning capabilities.

Learn more about sweating to lose belly fat.

Cardio might be important for getting your heart pumping, and your blood flowing, but strength training is just as valuable if you want to reduce belly fat fast. The more you work on building up lean muscles with strength training, the more your metabolism naturally becomes more powerful, so you use additional calories even when you're not doing anything strenuous at all.

Crunches Are Not Enough

Even if you've been feeling the burn in your stomach with a waist trimmer belt and thousands of crunches, figuring out how to eliminate belly fat means looking for a routine that really works for your frame. Crunches might seem like the best way to target your midsection, but they don't reach every area in the abdomen, and people tend to exhibit poor form during their crunch workouts too, which can lead to back pain, neck injuries, and more. Try approaching stomach-sculpting from a different angle by moving past the crunch into more exciting territory. Planking is always a great option, as well as various yoga poses.

While you're at it, don't neglect your obliques - side bends and side planks are often the most effective for these areas. The obliques, when trained properly, will help to frame your midsection for the perfect six-pack, or a great tapered look. If you're looking for a midsection that really makes people stop and stare, the obliques are crucial.

Slimming Your Stomach

We know that a flat stomach is something that almost everyone wants to achieve these days, which is why Active Gear work so hard to help you gain the body you've always wanted. Stay tuned for more tips on how to sculpt the perfect figure, get more out of your workout routines, and of course, eliminate belly fat.


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