4 Easy Ways to Make Exercise a Habit

Starting a fitness routine isn't difficult. In fact, it's something that the majority of people will attempt to do next month, when New Year's resolutions send us running to the gym. Unfortunately, the real problem with creating an effective fitness routine, is finding a way to stick to it. Too often, our initial energy and enthusiasm seems to disappear as we're distracted by the other things going on in our lives, and we find ourselves throwing in the towel before anything's been accomplished.

One great way to boost your workout success rate, is to make exercise into less of a chore, and more of a habit. As a habit, exercise becomes a natural part of your life - rather than something you need to push yourself to remember each day.

1.    Do Activities You Enjoy

One of the simplest ways to make exercise a habit, is to do activities that you actually enjoy. If you love something, then you'll find yourself looking forward to the moments when you have a chance to do it, rather than dreading every time you come close to a gym. There's no rule that says your attempt at fitness has to be the same as everyone else's.

Love dance? Sign up for a regular class. If you're into tennis, or running, try to get started on a regular regimen and devote yourself to sessions at least three times a week. There are plenty of workout options to choose from, so if your first choice doesn't work out - don't give up - simply try something new.

2.    Commit to Someone Else

Let's face it, if you and your friend have already invested in matching compression clothing, it'll be much harder for you to come up with an excuse to avoid a regular workout. Not only is exercising with someone you care about more fun than pushing yourself through the pain alone, but it also gives you someone to hold yourself accountable to if you start to feel a little lazy.

We all need a little extra motivation sometimes, and a friend or loved one can be the ideal cheerleader when times get tough.

3.    Log Your Progress

A good way to stay motivated when you're trying to make exercise a habit, is to create small goals and find ways to achieve them. Write down things that are important to you, such as your desire to lose a certain amount of weight, or cycle a little farther down the track.

Not only will this help to remind you that you're falling behind if you notice that your log is beginning to look a little sparse, but it will also give you an insight into your progress, and ensure you don't overlook all the positive aspects of your hard work.

4.    Reward Yourself

Finally, know when to give yourself the pat on the back that you deserve. Making changes to your behavior on a significant scale is incredibly difficult, and rewards will help to motivate you into making a longer-lasting difference. Consider buying yourself those jeans you wanted after sticking to your fitness plan for a month, or purchasing a new pair of shoes when you're capable of hitting 5,000 steps a day.



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