5 Simple Reasons Why You Should Never Skip Leg Day

Reasons Why You Should Never Skip Leg Day

If you've ever visited a gym, or taken part in some kind of fitness group, then the chances are you've heard of leg-day. Though the muscles that you see more commonly in the mirror like your arms, back, and core, generally get the most attention during workout sessions - it's important to remember to train below the belt too.

Remember, your lower body is home to some of the most significant, and biggest muscle groups in your body, and you'll need to focus on workouts that challenge your bottom half if you want to strengthen your legs and build resilience.

Leg workouts are often more physically exhausting than other exercise routines - which is why it's all too common for athletes to skip leg day. However, with your calf recovery sleeves in hand, and the right motivation, you can start sculpting stronger legs in no time.

1.    You'll be a Better Athlete

The power that you can generate with your leg muscles is essential for just about any sport you might take part in. Think about how you sprint for the ball playing soccer, or jump to score a basket in basketball. The more you work on your lower body, the more you'll be able to excel at your favorite hobbies, or team activities. On the other hand, if you skip leg day, the chances are you'll end up relying on your calf recovery sleeves every time you try to become the hero of the match.

2.    You'll Lower your Risk of Injury

For many people, lower body strength represents the difference between achieving great things in sport, and getting injured. If you never skip leg day, then you'll find it easier to move around the field with grace and strength. Performing regular functional exercises like squats and lunges leads to extra stability in the knee, which also reduces your chances of ACL tears.

3.    You'll Burn more Calories

Regardless of whether weight loss is your current activity goal, if you want to get more out of your time at the gym - everything starts with your legs. Working up bigger muscles in your calves through exercises like lunges, squats, and deadlifts demands extra power from the brain and heart. This means that your metabolism works harder than ever - burning calories faster to transform them into essential energy.

4.    You'll Have Better Balance

Even if you have incredible biceps - that won't help you much when you're tackling icy sidewalks in winter, or struggling to maintain your balance on the treadmill. On the other hand, side lunges and other strength-building solutions for your legs could help you to avoid a wipeout. Whether you're a weekend warrior who's simply trying to stay healthy, or an aspiring athlete, you'll quickly find that balance is essential for controlling your body.

5.    You'll have a Wider Range of Motion

Finally, if you think that flexibility doesn't have a part to play in strength - then think again. Olympic weightlifters and pro-athletes all work on mobilizing their joints when they want to enhance their power output. Even if you're not a professional competitor, learning the right movement patterns and expanding your range of motion can improve your overall life experiences.



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