6 Waist-Slimming Cocktails for the Fall

Waist-Slimming Cocktails

As the holidays draw closer, and the joy and colors of fall find their full appeal, what better time to get together with friends and enjoy a few delicious drinks by the fire? Of course, just because you want to have a good time now that Summer is over, doesn't necessarily mean that you want to get rid of your bikini-ready body. After all, you spent all of that time in your waist-slimming belt, and hitting the gym for a reason.

Fortunately, if you're concerned about watching your figure, then we might have the solution. Though you'll need to think carefully about the foods that you pile on your plate, our selection of waist-slimming cocktails could allow you to have your fill of delicious booze - without the huge amount of excess calories.

Remember, whichever drink you decide to try, make sure that you consume alcohol responsibly.

1.    A Bluegrass Cocktail

When it comes to antioxidants designed to slim your stomach - there are few fruits better than the blueberry. This cocktail uses a delicious combination of lime and blueberries for a sweet and tart drink that's perfect in any occasion. To lower the calories, replace the blueberry-flavored syrup for actual blueberries and use fresh lime rind for zest.

2.    Cranberry Cider Punch

For a festive and refreshing treat perfect for fall or winter, nothing quite beats the tang of cranberry. Perfect when mixed with apple, this delicious drink is great for making use of all of the flavors in the season - including a touch of cinnamon if you like! Try the recipe for this waist-slimming cocktail yourself here.

3.    Raspberry Shooters

Rather than chomping on cookies filled with white chocolate and raspberry flavors, move past the dessert table and grab a drink instead. These raspberry shooters combine the delicious flavors of a succulent fruit with a punch of vodka that should help you to forget about cakes and chocolate. As waist-slimming cocktails go, this should be a favorite.

4.    Slim Shisho Cocktail

If you simply can't get enough refreshing zest in your cocktails this fall, particularly at parties when the air is full of warmth and autumn spice, this delicious cocktail might be the perfect solution. Known as the Shisho slim, it combines flavors of grapefruit and lemon with vodka for a floral and zesty taste. Try the recipe for yourself here.

5.    Rum and Coke

Sometimes, the search for a waist-slimming cocktail takes you all the way to a tried and tested favorite. Rum and coke, using diet coke instead of the regular fizz should be an easy and straightforward treat to make in just about any situation. Don't forget to add a slice of lime for that extra flair.

6.    Watermelon Fizz

Finally, mix up your sweetness senses with a delicious watermelon-flavored beverage that's absolutely perfect for fall, and particularly good when mixed with Mexican-inspired foods. Find the delightful recipe for yourself here. It uses a combination of cilantro, honey, and tequila for a rather strange, but undeniably pleasant taste sensation.



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