How to Choose the Best Workout Floor Mat for your at Home Gym

Staying fit is everyone's goal these days. It's all just a matter of developing a healthy lifestyle and boosting your immune system. As the pandemic is taking a toll on our daily lives, staying healthy and fit has become the topmost priority for many.

Yoga can do amazing things to your body. It boosts your circulatory system and keeps your muscles at a stretch. Apart from that, you can significantly calm your senses with exercise. It would be a great idea to have a workout mat that you can access anytime right in the comfort of your home. It doesn’t take much storage space and is pretty convenient to use.

In this guide, we will talk about different workout mats and how they can be a useful tool to reach your body goals. So, let’s begin…

What’s a Workout Mat?

Most people tend to get confused with these workout mats and how to use them to get the best results. It is an essential piece of equipment for your home gym to facilitate your exercise and yoga.

Man using Active Gear's best workout mat in black and skipping rope

Their absorbent materials ensure you don’t get to deal with any hard impacts from the surface below. Another benefit of these mats is their reduced noise. They keep you comfortable because you can't workout on scratchy carpets and hardwoods.

These mats are extremely beneficial to use while doing burpees, planks, jumping, and lunges. And of course, they also protect the floor underneath you from any damage caused by your training shoes.

Best Workout Mats

ActiveGear presents you with a wide range of workout mats. These fitness mats are available in different colors and sizes to match your aesthetic and workout requirements. You can either go for a large workout mat or a small one based on your needs. But keep in mind that a large mat will take up a lot of space and it is only suitable for partner activities.

You can go for the 6-foot x 4-foot workout floor mat by ActiveGear that comes with some extra padding inside. It comes with a thickness of 7mm and features non-slip rubber and is the best mat for the carpet.

woman using Active Gear's best workout mat in black using home workout essentials kettle bell and skipping rope

If you are looking for a large mat, there is another variant. This large workout mat is 8-foot x 6-foot workout floor mat in size that is more suitable for cardio, dance classes, or partner workout. The large workout floor mat also features an anti-slip bottom and has a thickness of 7mm.

The 6-foot x 6-foot workout floor mat is suitable for a wide range of cardio and yoga workout with a 7mm thickness. With its non-slip bottom and square size, it doesn’t take much space. It won’t leave the surface during your activity allowing you to perform safely and prevent injuries. It is the best workout mat for hardwood floors.

Man using Active Gear's thick workout mat in black using home workout essential skipping rope

But if you have even tighter space to work with, you should go for the 6-foot x 5-foot workout floor mat that is suitable for compact spaces. It also comes with a 7mm thickness and non-slip grip; suitable for a wide range of activities. All these mats are available in black, blue, and purple colors and you can choose according to your preferences.

How Can You Use These Exercise Mats?

A mat for exercise is quite useful for various scenarios. Lying down on a hard and cold floor for a workout is uncomfortable. But a workout mat not only provides you comfort but keeps you safe from any damage or sprain as well.

For example, you can conveniently use heavy weights on them that would otherwise damage your floor. These mats come in very handy when you do planks to keep your elbows at comfort.

Sit-ups, crunches, and Russian twists can be done much better on a workout mat because it is forgiving. These workouts essentially provide you with a softer surface to exercise.

Can You Use These Mats Only at home?

A workout mat is a must-have for your home gym but you can use them anywhere you like. You can always take that to your local gym if you have a membership. If you have enough space you can go for a large workout mat as well. But usually, the smaller ones work at home.

Mostly, gyms have their workout mats but repetitive use and sharing in warm sweaty conditions can transform these mats into a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. And that’s the primary reason why gyms across the world, shut down in 2020. So, you need to bring such a mat for the home gym.

Workout Mat vs. Yoga Mat

Of course, you can do yoga as well as pilates with your workout mat. But these mats are made to withstand a heavy load. You need to invest in a yoga mat if it is the only workout for you. Yoga mats have different materials used in the construction and are useful for barefoot movement in various yoga poses. Plus, this is the best workout mat for the carpet.

As per the exercise instructions laid out by CDC, you must complete 150 minutes of moderately intense or 75 minutes of vigorously intense physical activity per week. So, no matter what type of activity you do, you need to have the right kind of equipment to perform in a better manner.

There is a different mat for yoga and other workouts. Based on the intensity, these mats are of different materials. There are some practical differences between a workout mat and a yoga mat. A thick yoga mat is also an option but workout mats are always thicker.

Workout Mat

Man using a black workout mat for home gym

These mats reduce impact protection and are thicker with an increased foam density to reduce the high impact from your workout.

You can use your mat with your shoes and can place heavy exercise equipment on it. They have more noise reduction features as they take on heavyweight gym equipment and intense workout.

A large workout mat can work for partner activities and dance classes.

Yoga Mat

Woman using a purple yoga mat workout

These mats are for low impact movements and stretch with thinner foam density. Yoga mats are for barefoot use and are only geared towards lighter and softer exercise or yoga equipment like a gym ball.

These mats are suitable for lighter activities that don’t involve heavyweights. Yoga mats are lighter because of their thinner foam density. A large yoga mat is not as large as a workout mat.

How to Choose the Best Workout Mat?

If you are wondering what is the best workout floor mat to use, here are some key points you need to keep in mind before you buy the best gym mat for home.

Your activity

You need to choose a workout mat according to the activity. All home gym mats are different from one another. For instance, a workout mat is different from a yoga mat. When looking for the best yoga mats you need to consider what kind of activity you will perform on them.

Material quality

Most people go for low-quality mats to save money. But these mats won’t last long as they take a toll on your workouts. These mats are not safe to use as well because they are made from cheap PVC material. Quality mats are made from high-density foam to offer more comfort and safety. Plus, they last significantly longer than cheaper quality mats.

Design Features

Have a look at the design features of the mat you are considering to buy. One of the most important design features is a non-slip bottom. It keeps your mat in place no matter how vigorous your movements are. These mats are water and odor proof to prevent mold from developing over time. And also make sure the mat is comfortable on your skin and doesn't cause any scratches.


Size is going to be the matter based on the space available. So, you should make your choice by having a clock look at its dimensions. Make sure your mat’s surface touches the floor and remains in contact with the surface underneath. A large workout floor mat is suitable for partner activities.


You need to consider how to clean workout floor mats and make your choice. Some mats are very easy to clean and you don’t need to put in much effort

Hit your Body Goals with the Best Floor Mats for your Home Gym

In today’s world, staying healthy and fit is the need of the hour. And the good thing is, you don’t have to leave your home for it. Just bring home the best exercise mat and workout your way to a healthier lifestyle.

ActiveGear has a wide range of options available for you to pick from.

It’s time to fulfill your body goals.

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