How to Get a Six-Pack: 3 Basic Rules

How to Get a Six-Pack

There are dozens of reasons why a person might decide that it's about time they reduce their waistline. Whether it's simply an attempt to act as a positive role model for your children, or you want to make sure that you look incredible the next time you hit the beach - there's nothing wrong with cutting away that extra flab around your midsection and carving out something slim and sexy instead.

For men and women alike, one of the most appealing signs of a healthy and trim stomach is the presence of a six-pack. But how do you draw attention to those muscles properly, without getting the lopsided bulge of some bodybuilders?

We're going to give you the three best rules to follow, when figuring out how to get a six-pack.

How to Get a Six-Pack: Pack On the Protein

Protein is the number one most important thing you'll need to include in your diet if you want to burn body fat and build lean muscle at the same time. Out of all the different macronutrients available from your food, including fat, carbs, and more, protein has the highest thermogenic effect on the body - making it the most valuable substance for those who want to burn a ton of calories, while maintaining those all-important muscles.

It's no wonder that professional athletes, competitive bodybuilders, and other ripped individuals are so dedicated to eating a diet that's high in lean protein.

How to Get a Six-Pack: Leave Processed Foods in the Past

As we've mentioned before, if you're asking how to get a six-pack, you probably already know that you can't simply sit in your waist-slimming belt eating highly-processed foods and expect to see the results you crave. Most processed foods are notorious for replacing healthy nutrients with empty calories - which makes them a no-go for those who want a trim waistline.

What's more, processing also adds extra fats and sugar to foods - substances which clog up your system and get stored along with fat directly around your midsection.

How to Get a Six-Pack: Do the Exercise

Finally, while it's safe to say that diet is crucial for losing weight and carving out that perfect slim shape, if you want a six-pack, then you're also going to need to strap on your waist-slimming belt and dedicate several days a week to a core-focused fitness routine. Exercises to try include:

  • The Plank - With your forearms on the floor and your toes on the ground, lift your thighs and stomach away from the floor, keeping your abs and butt flexed. This will help to build your back muscles, as well as your abs.
  • The Reverse Crunch - To work your lower abs, start with your arms by your sides, your palms against the floor, and place your knees up over your hips. Instead of pushing your head towards your knees, bring your knees towards your head.
  • The Bicycle - Target your back and sides as well as your lower and upper abs by lying on a soft surface and making a pedaling motion with your legs in the air. Alternate raising your shoulder towards the opposite knee, and be sure to work both sides evenly.



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