How to Lose Weight Through Acroyoga

If you are getting bored of your regular weight loss workout and are looking for a new and exciting way of losing weight, then Acroyoga is just the thing for you.

Acroyoga is an acronym for Acrobatics and Yoga. These two exercise disciplines are combined to provide a more rigorous physical regimen and a deeper sense of bonding for partners who practice this new and exciting workout routine.

This Acroyoga sensation started its roots in San Francisco circa 2003 and has since gained popularity among traditional yoga practitioners thanks to the various schools and festivals that gave more people the chance to interact with other practitioners and share new knowledge and movements.


Aside from the mental and social benefits, Acroyoga’s physical movements and poses can also help you lose weight if done on a regular basis and is paired with a healthy lifestyle.

Here are some ways Acroyoga can help you lose weight.

1. It improves Blood Circulation.

Acroyoga involves a lot of stretching and the pull and push     movements enable the blood to flow freely because of this.

The constant movement of the muscles loosens the arteries and clears them thus improving blood circulation. 

This can benefit your body immensely especially if you are experiencing high blood cholesterol and high blood pressure.

2. It stimulates Digestion.

The constant physical activity in Acroyoga can boost your metabolism therefore improving how fast food is digested by the body. 

As it improves your digestion, it also helps relieve intestinal gas and constipation especially for people who are prone to recurring indigestion.

3. It enhances concentration.

Aside from the burning calories from the rigorous movements of Acroyoga, you can also benefit by improved concentration and self-awareness. 

Not only is this good for your mental health, it also makes you feel good about yourself and eliminates shame and feelings of guilt. 

This in turn will help you stay on course on your weight-loss journey by helping you eat healthier and stick to your regular workout.

4. It helps fight Stress.

As sure as sugar, Acroyoga has been very effective in treating Depression and Insomnia caused by stress. 

These two medical conditions have been found to cause stress-eating and unwanted weight gain. 

The more you involve yourself in Acroyoga, the more your mind gets relieved of worries and stresses which will lead to eating healthier and having a more relaxed and peaceful life.

5. It improves Posture.

Due to the various stretching and acrobatic movements, Acroyoga can also help practice good posture. 

Good posture is essential in weight-loss programs as it teaches your postural muscles to stay active all the time and are working correctly. This then leads to burning more calories as your body improves its efficiency. 

A good posture helps you lose weight and helps you tone your body.

To start your weight-loss journey through Acroyoga, please make sure to get yourself a premium yoga mat for a more efficient and comfortable experience.

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