How to Lose Weight Without Standing Up

Lose Weight Without Standing Up

If you're one of the many people who find themselves confined to a desk chair all day as part of the regular nine-to-five grind, then you might have recognized that a sedentary lifestyle can make weight loss challenging. After all, while your waist trimmer belt can help you to focus your weight loss efforts - it doesn't do much if you don't take the time to exercise.

Even if you're spending more time in your seat thanks to a joint-related injury, or pain in your knees, this doesn't mean that you should give up on an achieving your weight-loss goals entirely. After all, simply losing a couple of extra pounds could be enough to take some of the pressure off your painful joints.

Following, we'll cover some of the simplest ways to stick to healthy habits, and lose weight without standing up - for those of you who need to spend the majority of your day off your feet.

Know How Weight Loss Works

Before you can figure out how to lose weight without standing up, you need to know how burning fat actually works. Sitting or standing, the only way that you can lose weight is if you commit yourself to consuming less calories than you work off every day. In other words, the more of a deficit you create in calories by eating healthier foods and smaller portions, the more weight you'll lose.

This doesn't mean that a good way to lose weight without standing up is to simply starve yourself, but it does mean that diet may go a long way towards giving you the body you've always wanted.

Eat Smart

When you're sat down, you naturally burn fewer calories. Because of this, it's important to opt for lighter foods and less fattening meals whenever possible if you want to lose weight, and maintain a trim stomach. Try to track down foods with a low caloric density - meaning that they fill your stomach without padding out your waistline. Good examples include steamed vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains, and lean proteins like tuna.

While you're eating smart, try to avoid snacking mindlessly if you want to lose weight without standing up. After all, it's easy to overeat when you aren't paying attention because your mind's on a computer screen.

To reduce the amount of calories you consume even further, make sure that you keep a glass of water on your desk instead of a sugar-filled bottle of juice or soda. Drinking water before your meals will help you to eat less too, by making your stomach feel fuller.

Move Whenever You Can

Just because you're sitting down, doesn't mean that you have to sit still. To lose weight without standing up, you need to wiggle, jiggle, and get your body moving as often as possible. Tiny actions like tapping your fingers against the desk, shaking your legs, or simply taking a moment to bend over and touch your toes in between writing emails can be enough to boost your metabolism and make your waist-trimmer belt more effective.



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