How to Slim Your Stomach While in Bed

Slim Your Stomach

So you're looking for ways to slim your stomach without having to leave the comfort of your beloved mattress? Most of the time, gym routines and exercise regimens have us dreading the thought of our alarm clock, particularly on those cold mornings when we can barely muster the energy to venture outside of our sheets. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to you can tone up your abs and slim your stomach while lying down and enjoying a bit of cushion support.

Top tip: To get more out of these exercises, remember to keep your waist trimming belt by your bedside cabinet so that you can pop it on before you start working out.

1.    Bicycle

Starting off lying on your back, bend your knees and move your arms behind your head, keeping the elbows bent. Gently lift your legs away from your mattress and into the air, pulling one knee forwards towards your face at a time, while raising up to crunch your opposing elbow towards that knee. Pedal for about twenty-five crunches on each side of your body for a great fat-burning way to slim your stomach.

2.    X-plank

Similar to a regular plank, start by lying on your stomach, and push your body weight up using your elbows. Spread your legs apart then lift your lower body onto your toes, holding yourself as straight as possible in this position, without sinking too far into your mattress. Remember to breath in and out slowly as you tense your abdomen muscles, holding the pose for fifteen seconds before you release.

3.    Sit and Twist

Lie on your back with your hands situated behind your head, and pull yourself upwards into a sit-up, engaging your core muscles. When you get to sitting position, twist to one side, pointing your left elbow towards your right knee, then your right elbow towards your left knee. Lower back down onto the bed, then repeat the entire thing ten times to slim your stomach, and help define your waistline.

4.    Tummy Twist

Lie flat on your bed with your arms stretched out to your sides, so that they line up with your shoulders. Keeping your shoulders and arms pinned against the bed, roll your head to the left, lifting your left knee up towards your chest at the same time. Tighten your stomach muscles and breath in carefully, before breathing out as you roll your left knee and hip towards your right side. Roll slowly back into the starting position and begin again using the opposite leg.

5.    Roundhouse Kicks

Finally, while laid on your back, place your hands flat against the bed with your palms down. Straightening your legs, lift your left leg away from the bed, and rotate it in the widest circle you can, before bringing your foot down until it almost touches the bed, then moving it around and back to the center. As you rotate your feet, make sure you keep your ab muscles tight so that you move your leg as slowly and carefully as possible.


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