What is Acroyoga?


Acroyoga is a new hybrid workout that has been trending in the past few years. 

For those who are not familiar with the name, it is the combination of two different fitness disciplines; Acrobatics and Yoga, or better known as Acroyoga.

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The evolution of Acroyoga started in San Francisco, California in 2003 and has since been making waves in the fitness world. 

While yoga is not technically as physical as acrobatics, combining the two makes Acroyoga a more physical and communal experience than the traditional yoga practice.

While traditional yoga can be practiced solo, Acroyoga on the other hand requires multiple partners per session. There are three basic roles for Acroyoga; The Base, The Flyer, and The Spotter. All three roles are the standard for an Acroyoga Session.

1. The Base

The Base is the person often lying on his back on the ground. This person  provides the maximum support for an Acroyoga Pose. The arms and legs of the base person are the main stabilizer and support for the flyer in contact.

2. The Flyer

The Flyer is the person who is elevated from the ground by the Base. He can move or be moved in many different ways while being suspended in the air and must have the necessary skills of balance, confidence, and core strength.

3. The Spotter

Much like the spotter in bench presses, this is the person that oversees that the Flyer and the Base are in sync with each other during poses. The Spotter also makes sure that no untoward accidents happen to both the Flyer and the Base during an Acroyoga session.

As for Acroyoga’s movement and style, it is close to gymnastics and a less-rigorous form of acrobatics.

One partner can act as a Base and the other can be the Flyer and vice-versa, therefore making them both build strength as a Base and flexibility as a Flyer.

Now, for the million-dollar Question, “Is Acroyoga Good for Me?”.

Let us count the ways.

1. The Physical Benefits

Acroyoga has been known to improve blood circulation and digestion. It also stimulates the nerves and eliminates harmful toxins from the body. 

Overall, depending on the poses, Acroyoga improves strength and stamina, which ultimately leads to a healthier weight loss.

Pro Tip: Acroyoga requires a dedicated extra large Acroyoga mat strong enough to withstand various poses and provide safety and comfort.

You can get one here.

2. The Mental Benefits

Even more beneficial is Acroyoga’s impact on one’s mental health and well-being. Many people who experience stress, depression, anxiety, and insomnia practice Acroyoga to better themselves of these various chronic illnesses. 

Ultimately, Acroyoga has been proven to enhance concentration and relieves the mind of worries and stresses which can lead to a life of bliss and peace.

3. The Benefits for the Soul

It is also important to take into account how Acroyoga can greatly improve one’s soul and well-being. The different poses require trust and confidence for each role that is acted. 

In this way, the Flyer can enhance trust and confidence to the Base and the Base receives a healthy dose of responsibility to the Flyer. 

This bond creates a deeper connection between the two partners and therefore enveloping a feeling of deep trust and empathy towards each other.

4. The Social Benefits

Since Acroyoga is the newest trend in fitness and exercise, a lot of festivals and retreats have grown in popularity too. People of different cultures and body types converge through these Acroyoga events to meet and establish personal and spiritual connections with people who share the same Acroyoga passion. 

There are also Acroyoga Training Camps where you can learn and share different Acroyoga movements and techniques. This thriving community of Acroyoga practitioners will give you a sense of connection and be able to forge stronger social bonds with unique kinds of people regardless of body type, know-how, or race. 

The Acroyoga Community is a place to relax, get fit, and overall have a great time.

So regardless of age, gender, or body-type, Acroyoga is definitely GOOD FOR YOU.

So what are you waiting for? Give it a go now.

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