Find Out How This One Product Will Change Your Life.

New Year resolutions all have one thing in common - everyone wants to be better in some way, whether that’s health, finances, family, or all of the above.

Only one of those will truly have an impact that will affect the others, and that’s health.

This is where that one amazing product that will change your life comes in: ActiveGear has just released a new fitness mat that comes in two sizes. 

The smaller of the two, the 6’x4’ foot (72”x48”) mat, is great for some extra padding under your favorite yoga mat or for a P90X video. The larger mat, which measure 8’x6’ (96”x72”) feet, is better suited for cardio, partner workouts, and dance classes.

If better health and wellness were on your resolutions list it’s time to invest in yourself and make this the year those new habits really stick. 

Gyms are a great place to start, but gym memberships can get expensive. The next best thing is working out at home, but finding a surface that’s both durable yet soft, supportive yet non-slippery, is often the tricky part.

This ActiveGear large exercise mat has solved all of those problems. The unique dot matrix creates an ultra-grip, non-slip design that’s unlike other mats on the market. This mat won’t leave you slipping and sliding all over the place, and will stay put no matter what surface you put it down on.

You can use it with your shoes on or off, dealer’s choice! The 7mm (¼ inch) padding is durable enough for a weight training session with either dumbbells or kettlebells, yet comfortable enough to act as a post workout stretching sanctuary.

If you are fired up to get in shape, this mat is ideal for fitness lovers of all ages - men, women, couples, kids, and anyone who loves home workouts, even your dog can join in!

The mat comes secured with two Velcro straps and in its own carrying case for easy storage and transport. We also include a free jump rope with every purchase so you could jump right into a workout.

The 8’x6’ foot fitness mat gives you a lot more room to play, and would be great for a high-intensity workout like HIIT, dancing, or jump roping. The 6’x4’ foot exercise mat is a little smaller and would be perfect for a stability workout or a mobility sequence.

The mat is made to last a lifetime! ActiveGear used only the highest quality materials in its production, meaning the mat is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and safe to use no matter where you workout. We get that health is important to you. That’s why our top priority is the safety and quality of our products, so that your only concern will be the quality of your workouts.

Whether you have all the equipment you already need, or are just getting started, this mat is the perfect addition to any gym. It’s big enough to move around on, but small enough that it can be easily stored. Roll it out into the middle of your living room, bedroom, basement or garage, even take it outside. 

Your workouts, your terms.

ActiveGear is designing more sizes and colors to expand the fitness mat product line; these new additions will be announced in the coming months. They also sell a variety of other fitness related products on their website including waist trainers, compression gear, and knee sleeves, all designed for those value their health.

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