Quick and Easy Exercises to Target Belly Fat

Target Belly Fat

If having a slim stomach was easy - then everywhere you look you'd see flat bellies and sexy abs. Unfortunately, if you want to get the waistline of your dreams, then you're going to need to put in the effort, with a combination of waist-trimmer belt supported exercises, and nutritional dieting.

While knowing the difference between eating fast food every day and sticking to salads is straight-forward enough, it's not quite as simple to pinpoint whether you're actually doing the right exercises to work your core and target belly fat. While all workouts will help you to lose weight on a comprehensive level, there are a few that are particularly good for those of us who want to banish the extra wobble around our waists.

Walking or Running

First of all, perhaps the easiest exercise of all to target belly fat, is walking or running. Even if you don't have the energy to go for a lengthy run every night after work, you should be able to fit in the occasional sprint or walking period every day. Walking and running helps to raise your heart rate, while your waist-trimmer belt focuses heat around your midsection to help you sweat away those extra calories. The further and faster you go; the more weight you lose.

Elliptical Training

Not everyone has the powerful and stable joints required of a regular runner. If you feel discomfort in your knees when you attempt to jog, or even try a brisk walk, then you may be suited to an exercise that has less of an impact on your aching joints. Elliptical trainers provide high-intensity, low-impact cardio workouts, ideal for those looking to target belly fat.

Bicycle Exercise

Burning stomach fat with cardio exercise is only half of the battle - you also need to strengthen the abdominal muscles so that you have something taut and tight to show off once you've shed that extra weight. After all, a toned stomach is far more attractive in a bathing suit! While bicycling is a great way to tone up, completing your own bicycling motions can help too. For instance, lie on the floor, with your back against the ground, then alternate lifting your left shoulder towards your right knee, and your right shoulder towards your left knee. 

Crunch it Out

Finally, if you want to target belly fat, you really shouldn't rely on crunches to do all of the work for you - but that doesn't mean they can't form a useful part of your exercise routine. To try shaking up a boring move, adjust your crunches so that you complete them using an exercise ball instead. This will help to ensure that you have to focus on balance and stability during each rep, therefore increasing the pressure placed on your core muscles.

Alternatively, try a vertical leg crunch, wherein you keep your legs straight to force your abs to work harder. To do this, lie with your hands behind your head, and your legs straight up in the air - crossed at the knees. Flex your abs to raise your shoulders and head off the floor, then gradually relax back into the original position.


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