Quick Ways to Wake Up Looking Slimmer

Quick Ways to Wake Up Looking Slimmer

For those who dream of the day that they can wake up looking instantly slimmer than they did they night before, there may be hope. You might be surprised to learn that there are actually a number of ways you can go about flattening your belly within a couple of hours, and none of them include sweating at the gym, either!

From evening exercises in the comfort of your home with your waist trimming belt, to careful choices for late night snacks, here are just a few of our favorite ways to wake up looking slimmer.

1.    Avoid the Nightly Nibbles

As much as a last-minute supper can appeal to many people (particularly if they're prone to staying up late), studies have shown that eating too late at night can cause weight gain because it disrupts the natural body clock. One study in the United States even found that mice who ate during the night and day generally had 70% more fatty deposits than mice who ate at specific set times. Not only that, but giving your digestive system more time to process what you've eaten during the day can reduce the chances of bloating too!

2.    Engage in Evening Exercise

Let's face it, if you want to really lose the pounds, then you're going to have to engage in at least a little exercise. However, that doesn't necessarily mean joining a gym or health center. Put your waist trimming belt on, and engage in some quick end-of-night activities designed to draw heat towards your abdomen. You can easily do this in front of the television if you want to, by trying out planks, sit-ups, or last minute crunches. Make sure that you use an exercise mat or carpet to stay comfy during your workout though. Even a short and sweet abdominal workout should be enough to make you feel trimmer the following day.

3.    Banish Booze

Alcohol is notorious for causing bloating in the stomach, which can make you feel a lot chunkier than you actually are. Everything from a quick pint of beer, to sparkling wine or spirit mixers will lead to bloating because of the amount of gas they contain. On top of that, alcohol itself is full of calories, which can make losing weight a lot more difficult. Remember, you don't always need booze to have a good time!

4.    Stay Hydrated

Finally, just because you aren't allowed to drink alcohol doesn't mean that you shouldn't drink at all. Though it might not be the best idea right before bedtime, drinking plenty of fluids can help to reduce water retention and bloating while flushing the body of excess toxins. If you need help relaxing in time for sleep, peppermint, green, and dandelion teas can be fantastic for hydrating your body and aiding digestion, but remember that plain old water does the job too. You should aim for at least six to eight cups of water through the day if you want to feel lighter the next morning.



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