Simple Exercises to Boost Hip Strength

Boost Hip Strength

It may surprise you to learn that it's not just the strength of your legs, or the form of your feet that has an impact on whether or not you're likely to experience knee pain. In fact, the muscles in your hips, gluteus maximus, and upper thighs all have an important role to play in keeping your posture steady, and supporting your form through daily activities.

Before you decide that you're going to use your knee compression sleeves for nothing but lower-leg exercises, try using a few of the following routines to boost hip strength. You might find that even a few regular workouts do wonders for your joints.

1.    Single Leg Hip-Lift

Before you can begin to boost hip strength, you'll need to find a way to activate your hip muscles - specifically the gluteus maximus. The reason that you need to activate these muscles is that most of us spend far too much time sitting, which means that the muscles around your backside end up falling asleep during the time you spend perched in front of a computer screen. A single leg hip-lift is a great way to wake up your glutes before a strength workout.

Start by lying on the floor with your legs bent, then lift one foot away from the floor, moving your hips up into the air and concentrating on keeping your glute muscles contracted. Make sure you point the toes of your lifted leg upwards, as you hold the position for a number of seconds, before lowering and switching to the other leg.

2.    Lateral Squat

Next, to boost your hip strength, you need to ensure that the muscles are mobile. This means making sure you can move your hips through an entire range of motion without any unnecessary pain. Try a lateral squat to get you started towards better mobility.

Stand with your feet about a double shoulder-width apart, then shift your weight towards one side, dropping your hips down and keeping your knee positioned over your toes, so that your weight is on your bent leg. Pause, then switch to the other side.

3.    X-Band Walk

Finally, boost your hip strength and your regular strength-training program with an exercise that focuses directly on your hips, and the supporting muscles. Squats, leg presses, lunges, and step-ups are all ideal, but if you have some resources at your disposal, an X-band walk can be a great way to push your body even further.

Begin with a large elastic band, and step into it, spreading your feet about shoulder-width apart. The aim should be to form an X in front of you with the band, and use the upper edges of the elastic to stand up tall, with your shoulders back and down. Walk ten steps with your toes pointing forward to the left, then pause, return, and go ten steps to the right. You'll probably need to focus to make sure you don't trip over here at first, but you will get used to the motion eventually.




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