Strength Exercises to Build Better Knees

Build Better Knees

While you should already know that strength exercises are excellent for eliminating stubborn visceral fat, it may be worth noting that they're also an incredible way to build up the muscles around your joints, so you're less likely to suffer from knee-related injuries. The cure for knee pain can be different for different people, but strengthening exercises are a great way to ensure that you're less likely to suffer from injuries in the first place.

The following exercises will help you to build better knees, while ensuring that you have the stability and strength to continue working towards a slimmer stomach, a healthier lifestyle, and an all-around amazing body.

Before you get started with the exercises mentioned on this list, you might find that you benefit from using a knee compression sleeve to enhance joint support and keep circulation flowing throughout your lower body.

1.    Quad Clenches

Quad clenches are ideal for strengthening and maintaining the quads and helping you build better knees without having to face too much motion in the joint. Start by lying flat on your back, with your legs completely straight, then tense the muscle towards the front of your thigh by pressing your knee towards the floor. You should be able to feel the muscles clench in the top of your leg.

2.    Long Arcs

Long Arcs increase your knee mobility, strengthen your quads, and are ideal for working out while you're at work or sitting on the train for your morning commute. Start by sitting on a chair with your foot against the floor and your knee bent. Lift your foot upwards, and straighten your knee as much as possible, holding for between three to five seconds before you slowly lower your foot back to the floor.

3.    Hamstring Clenches

Sit in a chair, once again with your heel pressed to the leg of the chair and your feet firmly on the floor. Press your heel backwards into the chair leg until you feel the back of your thigh clenching or tightening. Hold the position for at least five seconds, before relaxing, then repeat as necessary to continue strengthening your hamstrings and build better knees.

4.    Knee Marching

Build better knees and increase your quads strength by sitting on a chair with your feet against the floor. March your legs up and down one at a time, as though you were trying to move forward, making sure not to slam your foot down as you move, as this will place undue stress on your knee joints. Try to keep going for one to five minutes, depending on your fitness level.

5.    Buttock Kicks

Finally, lie on your stomach, either on a large exercise mat, or on your bed, with your legs as straight as possible. Carefully lift your foot up away from the floor, and bring it backwards towards your rear - bending your knee as much as possible without allowing for too much discomfort. Slowly return to the starting position, and repeat the movement with the other leg to gradually build better knees.


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