The Most Popular Apps for Tracking Your Fitness

Popular Apps for Tracking Your Fitness

When it comes to high performance accessories that aspiring athletes use to enhance their speed, strength, and form, one of the most popular solutions today comes in the guise of technology, and apps. While things like calf compression sleeves and good water bottles will certainly help to boost your performance and recovery over time, modern apps can help you to get a real-time view of your accomplishments as you push towards your fitness goals.

Following are just a few of our favorite popular apps on the market today when it comes to tracking your fitness.

1.    Coach to 5K

If you've always wanted to try running, but you're unsure where to get started, the Coach to 5k app should help. This application offers a free eight-week program that allows you to follow three workouts each week - perfect for getting ready for a last minute marathon or fun-run.

2.    Runkeeper

Runkeeper gives you the option to use your phone's GPS to log your distance and running pace on various routes. You can set your goal pace if you like, and the app will feed you audio updates to try and keep you on track. There's also music integration too, so that you can listen to your favorite tunes without closing the app.

3.    MyFitnessPal

By far the most popular health and fitness app in the world today, MyFitnessPal comes with a database of more than 6 million different foods - making it easier than ever for you to track your diet regardless of what you want to eat. Whether you're hoping to build muscle or lose weight, this app will determine everything you need to meet your goals.

4.    Moves

Aptly titled, the "Moves" app tracks your daily movements - whether you're cycling, walking, or running - using your smartphone GPS. The data can then be displayed to you in a simple and easy-to-understand timeline that can help you to learn more about how much activity you get into your daily routine.

5.    Argus

Argus is a comprehensive all-in-one activity tracker that works to monitor your heart rate, sleep, calorie intake, and more. The app not only helps you to track your fitness successes, but also build your own workout plan, and discover new challenges to overcome during your search for a healthier body and mind.

6.    Runtastic

The ideal app for runners, Runtastic is a staple of most smartphones for fitness enthusiasts today. It comes with a simple interface that's very easy to use, and utilizes the sensors on your smartphone to help track metrics such as your relative pace and distance covered, as well as other thing such as your average heart rate and calories burned.

7.    Strava Running and Cycling GPS

Whatever your favorite cardio option might be, Strava is an incredible tracking app that monitors your cycling and running route via GPS. Far from simply tracking your progress like many of the other fitness apps on the market today, Strava helps to gamify your workout with leaderboards and achievements that you can share with your friends. There's even a collection of challenges that you can get involved with too.





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