Thinning Tricks: How to Use Colors to Look Slimmer

How to Use Colors to Look Slimmer

There are plenty of fast ways to flatten your belly that don't force you to sign up for a gym membership. Something as simple as a waist trimmer belt, or a good collection of flattering clothing in the right shades can go a long way towards disguising unwanted bumps and lumps in your physique.

Following, we'll cover a few tips that you can use when using colors and patterns to look slimmer, so that you have all of the resources that you need to conceal certain areas and create the illusion of a flatter stomach.

Using Colors to Look Slimmer

Whether you're talking about abstract art, or outfit choices, one rule remains consistent in the world of color: dark shades recede and light colors advance. In other words, light colors draw the eye and strand out, making whichever area your clothing is covering appear more prominent, while dark colored clothing diminishes the appearance of whatever its covering - making it seem slimmer and smaller. This means that darker colors like greens, reds, blues, greys, and even black should be used around areas that you want to draw the least attention to.

Of course, just because it's slimming doesn't mean that you should commit yourself to a completely dark wardrobe. Layering up with bright and dark colors can give you the best of both worlds, by drawing attention to your more attractive features, and hiding others. At the same time, bright statement pieces can perk up an entire outfit, such as a pair of colorful sunglasses, shoes, or an incredible purse. You can always balance your proportions too. For instance, women with smaller upper bodies and larger hips can use dark colors on the bottom with brightly colored tops.

Playing with Patterns

If you're going to address ways of using colors to look slimmer, then the chances are you'll need to give some thought to patterns too. After all, if you limit yourself to clothing that only uses block colors, you're not going to end up with a very exciting wardrobe. Different patterns can create the illusion of added weight or slimness depending on how you wear them, and some of the most common patterns can include:

  • Stripes: Horizontal stripes generally make whatever they're covering appear wider- so it's a good idea to avoid them. Instead, choose vertical stripes which create a longer line - making you seem thinner and taller.
  • Color-blocking: Blocks of contrasting colors in graphic shapes can be used to add interest to a piece of clothing - and these can be very flattering for curvy women, particularly if you pick pieces that use dark colored panels around the waist or sides of your body.
  • Large busy patterns: Larger, busier patterns can be very unflattering on curvy women, so if you want to look for a busy pattern, it's typically best to search for one that has small and delicate designs. Small all-over patterns on clothing can actually help to disguise lumps and bumps, unlike their bigger counterparts.


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