AB Crunch Six-Pack Exercise Routine for a Stronger Core

AB Crunch Six-Pack Exercise Routine

There are many reasons why people want a stronger core.

Some people are searching for a slimmer waist, and engage in an AB Crunch six-pack exercise routine using a thermal therapeutic waist trimmer to burn away calories and unwanted fat. Other fitness enthusiasts simply look for workouts that focus on their core because they know a strong core can form the foundation of a more active, athletic lifestyle.

The core muscles, within the center of your abdomen, are responsible for helping you manage weight, improve posture, and even extend your range of motion. When your core is solid, every challenge becomes easier - even building an incredible six pack.

Bench Crunches - the Best AB Crunch Six-Pack Exercise

While there are many different workout routines and exercise regimens out there today that claim to be able to build a stronger core, few solutions are more effective than bench crunches. AB Crunch six-pack exercises are impactful because they work to shorten the fibers of the abdomen under the constant tension that exercise provides. While other abdominal workouts can stretch these fibers excessively, crunches help to strengthen your core without the threat of a bulging, or protruding abdomen that loses its sculpted shape when relaxed.

Another advantage of bench crunches is that they require the hips to remain bent throughout the complete contraction. In other words, they remove the psoas major muscle - a strong hip flexor in the body - out of the equation. Instead of your hips taking on some of the effects of your workout, your anterior abdominal muscles are pushed to manage the entire load of each rep.

Ab Crunch Six-Pack Exercise - How to Get Started

To experience the benefits of this exercise for yourself, you'll first need to know how to do it properly. That means maintaining the correct posture throughout the rep, and avoiding unwanted injury wherever possible.

  1. Start by lying with your back against the floor, perpendicular to a nearby bench. Situate yourself so that your knees are at an angle of about ninety-degrees, and your heels are on top of the bench. Loosely cross your arms over your chest, or put them behind your head.
  2. Carefully lift your hips away from the floor very slightly - so as to help contract the lower muscles of the abdomen.
  3. Bend your upper body - including your mid back and shoulders - up and away from the floor, pushing your chest towards your knees as you move upwards. Exhale as you move, and ensure there's plenty of flexibility in your body. Hold your position at the top of the raise for the best possible contraction.
  4. Carefully return your body back to the starting position by lowering your upper body and shoulders, inhaling as you rest. Allow your hips to lower to the floor, but do not rest or pause when you reach the starting position - instead immediately engage in another crunch.

Your aim should be to do as many reps as possible, but don't push yourself beyond what your body is capable of, as this can lead to injury.


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