Accurate Sizing: Do my Compression Sleeves Fit Properly?

Accurate Sizing Do my Compression Sleeves Fit Properly

Compression sleeves are constantly emerging as ever-more important solutions in the world of proper circulation and leg health. However, your calf compression sleeves can only offer you their wide range of unique benefits if they are properly sized to fit your leg. If the sleeves don't fit as they should, you might find that they end up doing nothing for your joints and muscles - or even worse, end up leaving you in severe pain!

Fit is a crucial part of using compression sleeves properly. In fact, it's so important that you should always be asking yourself: "Do my compression sleeves fit properly?" The following queries should help you answer that question.

1.    Are your compression sleeves painful?

When it comes to the question "Do my compression sleeves fit properly?" it's crucial to pay attention to unwanted pain and discomfort. While your compression sleeves should be tight enough to perform their task properly, they should never cause pain. If they hurt, this is a sign that you're wearing a size of sleeve that is too small, or have chosen a compression level that is too strong.

Double check your sizing by re-measuring your calves, and look at sizing charts to ensure you're purchasing compression wear that is appropriate to your needs. If you're still unsure after measuring, speak to your doctor about the level of compression you should be using.

2.    Are your compression sleeves sliding around?

If you seem to be constantly struggling with the fact that your compression sleeves slide up and down your calves, then you'll need to check that the size isn't too loose for your needs. Sometimes, you might find that after a while of using compression wear, the swelling levels in your legs reduce, and your calves become slimmer. In these circumstances, you might need to adjust your sleeve to the next size down.

On the other hand, if you've been wearing your sleeves consistently for a number of months, you may find that you simply need to buy a new pair. While good compression sleeves are durable, they do start to wear out over time, and it's important to have a pair that have not lost their elasticity.

3.    Are your Compression Sleeves Helping your Swelling?

One of the primary reasons that people purchase compression sleeves is to reduce swelling and discomfort in their calves. If you're still experiencing severe discomfort and swelling, then it may be time to ask, "Do my compression sleeves fit properly?"

If swelling persists, then this could be a sign that you aren't wearing the right size of compression sleeve, or that the compression level is too low. Double check your sizing to ensure you're within the right ranges, or speak to a doctor about your concerns.

4.    Do You Struggle to Put your Compression Sleeves On?

If you're trying to wear your compression sleeve, but you find you're having trouble getting it over your foot, you may be dealing with a sleeve that is much too small for your needs. Check your measurements, and the size on the sleeve. Remember, it's all too easy to accidentally select the wrong size!


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