6 Quick Ways to Get in Shape in Time for Your Wedding

It's not just the bride that has a lot to think about when preparing for a wedding day. Since the most popular wedding date for last year was in early Summer, we think now is the perfect time to start hatching a plan for how to get in shape in time for your big day.

Searching for quick ways to get in shape online is likely to bring up a range of fad diets that you can try - but the chances are that these aren't going to give you the amazing results that you want. While making dietary changes can help to sculpt your perfect body - you may need a more holistic approach. Proper nutrition, regular exercise, and support from your waistline slimming belt can all link together to give you a comprehensive approach to weight loss.

Following, we've put together a list of some of the most effective tips and tricks that you can use as ways for getting into shape just in time for your wedding day. With our help, all you'll need to do is look forward to walking down the aisle feeling slim and stunning in front of your guests.

Get in Shape in Time for Your Wedding


1.  Stop Relying on Your Car

A good way to start getting into shape as you approach the run up to your wedding day, is to actually start running or walking more often. Stop relying on your car wherever possible and instead attempt to utilize your legs as a way of getting to wherever you want to go. If running isn't for you, you might find hopping onto a bike more fun.

Although we all consider our cars to be a more convenient way of getting from one place to the next, the truth is that if you want to find quick ways to get in shape, you need to be ready to start pushing your body into overdrive. Forcing yourself to walk, run, or cycle around means that you'll start to burn some of that excess fat that has been stopping you from fitting into your dress or tux. Plus, it'll help you to save some cash on unused petrol - which you can put towards honeymoon treats.

2.  Adjust Your Diet

The chances are that just about any weight loss program you come across is going to recommend some kind of dietary change - whether this means cutting out some unhealthy foods, or simply turning your regular meals into something more nutritious. Losing weight in time for your wedding generally means avoiding processed foods, eating more fruits and vegetables, and cutting down on sugar wherever possible.

Look carefully at your current dietary decisions and make a conscious decision to cut down in areas that might be causing your waistline to bulge. This could mean forgoing your morning caramel latte or ditching the desserts for a couple of weeks after dinner.

3.  Remember to Stretch Your Legs at Work

While you're working - particularly if you spend a lot of time typing behind a desk, remember the value of taking a quick break every so often to stretch your legs and revitalize your body and mind. Taking five minutes to simply get up and walk around will help to get your blood pumping, elongate your muscles, and remove stress from your joints, all while contributing to your figure.

Not only is stretching your legs at work a great way to get some extra physical activity into your day - but it also ensures that you're not going to fall victim to some of the more common diseases and illnesses that are now being associated with excessive sitting.

4.  Super-boost your Metabolism

This is a great tip regardless of whether you're a bride or not. From the moment you get up in the morning, squeeze a fresh lemon into a healthy glass of water along with a shake of cayenne pepper and turmeric. This will help to add a little extra fuel to your metabolism throughout the day while ensuring you're nice and hydrated for the tasks ahead.

At the same time, using your waistline slimming belt will ensure that you're directing heat towards the ideal place in your stomach where you want to promote fat metabolism. This will banish excess water weight (a huge problem for brides, and grooms to be), and help you focus on getting the most out of your workout.

5.  Get a Partner to Help You

Whether it's your bridesmaid, your maid of honor, or your groom, ask someone to join with you in your fitness journey. Often, having some form of support during an exercise regimen can be a great way to ensure that you stick to your plan and reach your goals faster. What's more, it will also give you someone to hold yourself accountable to if you feel like taking a day off from your routine.

There's nothing wrong with asking for help when you're trying to achieve a particularly trying goal in your weight-loss routine. Simply looking for quick ways to get in shape means that you've taken the first step towards reaching your goals in time for your wedding, now all you need to do is stay motivated.

6.  Keep Track of your Progress

Finally, one of the best way to keep yourself motivated is to keep a journal and photographs of how far you've come. You can note down some of your favorite recipes for nutritious meals, and make comments alongside each date for how much exercise you did. Even if something that you tried went wrong, you can write it down for something to laugh about at a later date.

For some brides and grooms, the incredible journey that they went through to get into shape for their big day is what makes up some of the anecdotes for their big speech at the wedding dinner. So don't be afraid to take notes if something funny or heart-warming comes up on the route to your big day.


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