How to Lose Weight through Yoga

man losing weight through yoga

Yoga, yoga, yoga. We all have heard of it at some point in our lives unless you have been living under a rock for the past several years now. 

 And just in case you just crawled out under said rock yesterday, Yoga is the ancient Indian practice of “cessation of wandering” dating back as early as 400 AD. And this ancient practice has since gained popularity all over the world because of its benefits both mind and body.

While we often see a lot of photos and videos of “Fit and Skinny” yoga practitioners circulating online, many people on the bigger size of things tend to think that yoga is not for the plus-size population. At first glance, it makes perfect sense as yoga poses tend to cater to flexibility and lightness of the body. How can we do these difficult poses when most of us can’t even reach our toes? It’s just impossible.


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Yoga is for everybody. And I mean, every kind of body.

Your yoga journey doesn’t need to start with a beach-body. If life has taught us anything, it’s that great things start from small beginnings.

And for most of the Big-size people, getting up on their feet and starting a weight loss journey is the first and most important step they have to do if they really want to have a healthier lifestyle. While I know this is not easy to do, once you begin, the rest starts to get easy.

We here at ActiveGear dedicate our lives to helping and guiding you to this important life journey by providing you Pro-Tips on how to start and how to maintain your speed going through your life-changing journey to a healthier lifestyle starting by providing you some equally important knowledge on Yoga Benefits for Weight Loss.

Read on, Little Grasshopper.

Top 5 Yoga Benefits for Weight Loss.

1. Yoga burns Calories.

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While Yoga is not considered as a high-intensity exercise like running or aerobics, there are some physical yoga exercises that can get intense and burn those unwanted calories. 

Ashtanga, vinyasa, and power yoga are some examples of the more physical kind of yoga and these classes usually run from 70 to 90 minutes of continuous workout that makes your muscles work the entire time. 

And if these yoga practices are done on a daily, regular basis,  your metabolism will surely improve and you can soon see how your body starts to shape because of the calories you lose in every session.

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2. Yoga heightens your mindfulness.

inward focus through yoga

As previously mentioned earlier about yoga being the “cessation of wandering”, the practice of yoga helps foster inward focus. 

This newfound mindfulness will guide you on how your body feels while on various activities and will help you appreciate your body’s journey to better health.

Increased mindfulness of your surroundings and feelings will also help you be mindful of the food you eat and how much you eat, causing an increased feeling of control on what goes on in your body and will lead to a healthier regular diet.

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3. Yoga is best for stress.

yoga for stress

While yoga practice looks more physical on the outside, many people do yoga because of its benefits on mental health and well-being on the inside.

Stress-eating is one of the biggest problems when it comes to losing weight, especially during these hard times of the pandemic. And when someone is already a plus-size, this can even be more daunting.

When your body is stressed, it sends a signal to your brain that it needs comforting, therefore making you crave for your comfort foods and end up stress eating. 

The increase in people experiencing stress and anxiety because of the endless lockdowns are causing an equal increase in the practice of yoga over the past years and more and more bigger size folk are jumping on the bandwagon.

Eliminating stress through yoga helps you conquer your fears and insecurities that have been associated with weight gain and with regular yoga sessions and a healthy diet, your journey to a better you will not be too far from the horizon.

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In summary, yoga practice may not look like something you may think of doing when thinking about losing weight but in its own right, it is one of the best ways to start your journey to a leaner and healthier body. 

Through yoga’s various physical exercises and mental health benefits, bigger-sized people can now have a fun and healthy way of working out at home and start living a better and healthier lifestyle.

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