Satisfying Snack Foods to Banish Different Types of Hunger

Snack Foods to Banish Different Types of Hunger

We all get cravings from time to time- what matters is whether we allow those cravings to control our eating habits. While you might think that you can get away with a few snacking sins thanks to your waist-compression belt, the chances are that one snack will lead to another, and another. Unfortunately, what you eat all day doesn't just have an impact on your weight and health - it can also damage your productivity too.

Consuming plenty of high-sugar, high-fat meals means that you end up feeling more exhausted, and struggle with maintaining your energy levels. On the other hand, if you banish your cravings using healthier solutions, then you not only end up feeling satisfied but healthier and more energetic too. Here, we're going to offer some satisfying snack food options that will help you to get rid of the various types of hunger that can plague your stomach and your mind.

1.    Crunchy

If you're craving something crunchy - then avoid turning to the potato chips. These snacks are brimming with saturated fats and sodium that will pile up around your waistline - regardless of your waist-compression belt. Instead, try a handful of almonds, or mixed nuts. Nuts are brimming with protein to satisfy your hunger, as well as fiber, vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids and more.

2.    Chewy

If you're thinking of grabbing some taffy or gummy sweets at the store to satisfy your urge to chew - think again. A better way to satisfy your snack cravings is with some delicious dried fruit. A handful of your favorite fruits is always going to be one of the most satisfying snack foods that you can eat - and you can always mix them with yogurt or nuts for a more filling mid-morning snack.

3.    Salty

If you're looking for something salty - then ignore the fries. One of the most satisfying snack foods to enjoy when you're craving something delicious and savory is a packet of low-fat pretzels. Pretzels are salty, but not necessarily high in calories, and come with a healthy dose of carbs that should leave you feeling fuller until lunch time.

4.    Cold

If you're craving something cold, then the chances are that the first food to jump to mind will be ice-cream. However, you don't have to fill your stomach full of frozen dairy just to get a satisfying snack. Frozen grapes or bananas will give you the chill that you're looking for, mixed with a healthy dose of vitamins, and protein.

5.    Spicy

Finally, if you're looking for something to warm up your taste buds on a cold day - why not try a handful of wasabi-coated peas. You can find these in health stores, or next to the nut aisle in many grocery shops. These satisfying snack foods are perfect if you're craving something crunchy, salty, and spicy at the same time. Plus, they're brimming with fiber and protein that should prevent your blood sugar levels from dropping too low.



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