The Belly-Fat Burning Benefits of Dates

Belly-Fat Burning Benefits of Dates

The best kind of date might not be the one that involves candles, dinner, and a moonlit stroll along the beach - particularly if you're looking for delicious ways to slim your stomach. The sweet taste of dates (the fruit), is actually compounded by their highly nutritious nature. These snacks contain all the essential minerals, vitamins, calcium, and iron you need to experience a range of fantastic health benefits, all while cutting down on the extra fat around your midsection.

If you're looking for ways to improve the efforts you've been making with your stomach trimming belt this winter, indulging in a couple of dates could be the ideal solution. Following, we'll cover just some of the belly-fat burning benefits of dates, and why you should eat them.

1.    They Make You Feel Fuller

One of the most obviously belly-fat burning benefits of dates, is that a handful can actually make you feel more satiated, reducing the risk that you're going to turn to more fattening treats to satisfy your hunger. Because they're rich in insoluble, and soluble fibers, dates quench your appetite for longer, so that you can avoid over-eating.

2.    They're Free from Trans-Fats and Cholesterol

Trans-fats and cholesterol are absolutely everywhere during the winter season - particularly as the most festive time of year draws closer. These substances both contribute to weight gain, whereas dates, by being fattening-ingredient free, help you to fill your stomach with fewer calories.

3.    They Have Laxative Properties

Okay, so this might not be the most glamorous benefit of eating dates - but that doesn't make it any less important. Eating dates can help to treat constipation and bloating by assisting with smoother bowel movements. The healthier your digestive system is, the more your metabolism benefits, which is where the belly-fat burning benefits of dates come in to help you earn a slimmer stomach, faster.

4.    Dates Break Down Excess Fat

Many of the substances present in dates, such as Sulphur and potassium, can help to maintain heart health, and process fat breakdown throughout the body. In other words, a handful of dates with your breakfast in the morning could start your metabolism off in the right way, ensuring that you continue to lose unwanted weight throughout the rest of the day. 

5.    They Reduce Lethargy and Boost Energy

When you've been hungry for a while and you eat a large meal, the chances are you begin to feel the onset of sleepiness. This is often what prompts people to lie down on the couch after dinner, rather than getting up and going for a run, or taking a trip to the gym. If you eat dates, however, the internal boost of vitamins and minerals should help to give you an extra dose of energy, meaning that you're less likely to live a sedentary lifestyle. Natural sugars such as glucose and fructose instantly supply the body with energy, meaning that you can choose dates over just about any other carbohydrate-rich, or high-calorie food.



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