The Best Energizing Slim Belt Stretches to Start Your Day

Whether you've trudged into work after a rough night's sleep, or you're struggling to stay awake long enough at home to begin your early morning workout, maintaining a high amount of energy can be tougher than it seems.

Though an early workout can be a great way to start your day on the right foot and make sure that you're full of energy and drive for the rest of the hours ahead, it's important to make sure that you're revitalized and raring to go before you get started. After all, getting your blood flowing will not only make your exercise regimen more effective, but it can also help you to stay fresh with creativity and work, and feel more productive overall.

Following, we'll look at some of the best energizing slim belt stretches you can do with your workout waist belt when you're about to start the day and you want to make sure you've got the power to take on whatever challenges life sends your way.

1.    The Seated Twist

If you've managed to drag yourself out of bed just to stumble into the nearest chair, then this could be the perfect example of the best slim belt energizing stretches for you. Sitting in your chair, make sure that you stretch your spine out as long as possible and place your right hand against the outer part of your left knee. Using your hand as leverage, twist gently to your left, moving your left hand as far to the right as possible - preferably holding onto something as you twist. Remember to breathe deeply as you move, exhaling as you push into the twist, and inhaling as you ease out. Repeat the movement on both sides of your body.

2.    The Hip Flexor Stretch

This slim belt stretch isn't just a great way to wake up your body, but it can prevent further discomfort in your life too. After all, the amount of sitting that we all do on a regular basis tightens and shortens our hip flexor muscles. These muscles run through the pelvis into the back, which means we often end up with an achy back after spending too long in front of our computer. To lengthen your hip flexor, sit at the edge of your chair and take your right leg, extending it back behind you as straight as you can. Sit tall and raise your sternum. This should increase your stretch significantly, so you can feel it behind your workout waist belt.

3.    The Slim belt Shoulder and Chest Opener

Push yourself towards the very front of your chair, so that your backside is right on the edge, and clasp your hands behind your back so that you're thrusting your shoulders back and your chest forwards. Exhale and inhale several times, noticing that when you inhale, the stretch becomes more intense. Release and repeat at least three times. As you focus on your breathing, remember to take deep doses of oxygen straight into your stomach, and hold for a second before releasing. This will help you to feel calmer if you're stressed about the day ahead.


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