The Dreaded Sweet-tooth: Control your Sugar Cravings

Control your Sugar Cravings

For a long time, we've victimized fat as the number one bad thing to have in our meals, yet the truth is that those cravings for candy bars or chocolate cakes in between meals could be a lot worse than the fat in a standard diet. Not only is sugar easier to consume en masse than fat, but it also has addictive qualities that could mean you end up over-indulging day, after day.

The addictive properties of sugar even prevent some of us from focusing on daily tasks, as we head to work only to obsess about the donuts we saw in the staff kitchen, or sit down with the kids to watch TV, only to start thinking about the chocolate bars in the kitchen cupboards. The last thing you want is for your obsession with sugar to ruin the hard work you've done with your waist-trimmer belt and exercise routine. Fortunately, sugar addiction is a relatively easy habit to break, once you know how to control your sugar cravings.

1.    Avoid processed foods

Now that you know how addictive sugar can be, the best way to stop yourself from over-consuming is to avoid processed foods - which are generally rich in sugars that you didn't know anything about. According to a study conducted at Connecticut College - a packet of Oreos could be just as addictive as cocaine - as the effects each had on a lab rat's brain and behavior were very similar.

2.    Don't go Cold Turkey

If you want to control your sugar cravings, but find yourself craving something sweet, the best thing you can do for your body, and your sanity is give in just a little - and eat a small portion of whatever your craving. For instance, try a fun-sized candy bar or a single cookie. Eating small amounts of what you love can help you to steer clear of the dangers that come with denying yourself sugar completely.

3.    Stay Hydrated

Sometimes, you might believe that your body or mind is asking you for a dose of sugar - but what it really wants is some water. Sounds strange, but sometimes your body can get things mixed up - particularly when you're dehydrated. Instead of grabbing a pack of your favorite sweets, try putting some stevia and lemon juice into a glass of water for a sweet lemonade.

4.    Try Fermented Foods and Drinks

Fermented drinks and foods are perhaps one of the best ways you can reduce, or completely eliminate your craving for sugar. In fact, this method is so effective that some people suggest it completely removes sugar cravings from their brain within around four or five days. It may take some searching to find your fermented treats, but the chances are you'll have plenty of success if you're willing to walk around a couple of health food stores.

5.    Try a Natural Solution

If you've got a hankering for something sweet, that doesn't necessarily mean you have to rely on processed foods and artificial sweeteners to satisfy your craving. Keeping fruit handy for when those sugar cravings hit can help to give you a boost of sweetness, alongside extra fiber and nutrients too! If you want something that's easier to carry around in your pocket or purse, dried fruits and nuts are always a good solution too.



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