The Strength Training Facts Every Women Should Know

Most of the time, it's difficult to figure out which parts of the advice that are given to women about exercise are true - and which are designed to sell gym memberships. While there's plenty of information out there telling men how to get the most out of their workout - women seem to have drawn the short straw, and this can lead to a lack of understanding amongst many when it comes to figuring out how things like strength training, and muscle actually work.

Many magazines present stick-thin women as the ideal to strive for, which is why most prefer to stay away from strength training, just in case lifting a few dumbbells every now and again might result in huge bulging muscles that would detract from their bikini-body. However, the truth is that everyone - male, or female - needs some kind of strength training as part of their overall exercise regimen - and building muscle doesn't necessarily mean having bulky biceps.

Achieving optimal health is all about getting stronger, and the more you work on building your muscles, the faster your metabolism becomes. In other words, adding a little strength training to the mix every now and again, with a set of reliable knee compression sleeves could be the secret cure that women need to get a great body - and still, indulge in the occasional bar of chocolate.

So what's the truth about strength training facts - and what do you need to know to make the most out of your routine?

Strength Training Facts Every Women Should Know

1.    Variety is the Spice of Life

There's nothing more soul-sucking than trying to commit to the same old boring workout day-in, day-out. If you want to get stronger, develop muscle, and still have fun every day that you head to the gym with your knee compression sleeves - then you need to shake things up now and again, and mix some variety into your experiences. For instance, for the first six months, you might focus on the basics of barbell training, such as squats, deadlifts, and overhead processes.

However, after a while, you'll need to insert more variety into your exercise to help your body improve. Personal trainers can be a great resource here, as they can help you to identify the routines that are most effective for your particular goals. If you want to build lean muscle - they'll teach you how you can vary your routine for the perfect strength-building performance, and keep you updated on strength training facts.

2.    Lifting Heavy is Important

A fantastic female workout isn't one that simply involves standing on top of a yoga ball with a single 5-pound dumbbell in each hand. Put the small weights away, and focus on pushing yourself to achieve something greater. This doesn't mean that you should throw yourself into lifting the heaviest barbells immediately, but it does mean forcing yourself to go a little further each time you hit the gym. Find out what you're capable of lifting, then train for a while until the weight seems easier to manage.

Once you're nolonger struggling, it's time to move onto something heavier. Lifting heavy weights leads to a wide range of positive changes throughout the body. Not only do your muscles respond by growing larger - increasing your metabolism for a slimmer figure - but your bones get denser, your hormones regulate themselves, and your central nervous system starts working at its optimum level. Just make sure that you have the right support to protect your knees, and a spotter to watch over you.

3.    Accessories Can Address Weaknesses

Everyone, no matter whether they're male or female, has a few weaknesses to address when it comes to strength training. While it's always fun to build your confidence by working on the areas where you're already great - it's also important to train up your weaknesses too. Women are often weak in their hip abductors, triceps, mid-upper back, and shoulders, and many people suffer from weak hamstrings and knees.

If you struggle to build on these areas, accessory solutions that help to target specific muscle groups should start to make a difference if you commit yourself to a bout of exercise twice a week. One of the best ways to get started is with knee compression and compression therapy bands. These garments boost recovery, and provide extra support during tough workouts.

4.    Neglecting the Upper Body is a Bad Idea

As we mentioned above, strength training relies on your ability to lift heavy weights - and you can't do that if your arms have the stability of two pieces of spaghetti. Train your upper body at the gym, or at home, at least twice a week to allow for proper muscle and strength development. Since most women tend to be weaker in their upper body, it's important to make the most of workouts in these areas whenever you get the chance.

Not only will working out your upper body give you sexy arms, and help you to avoid the sagging skin around your armpits that can become more common as women start to get older, but it will also ensure that the remainder of your strength workout becomes more manageable too.

5.    Strength Training Doesn't Make You a Body Builder

The biggest myth of female strength training, is that if you lift too much, you'll end up with huge, bulky muscles that don't look good in a dress, or a lingerie shoot. However, the truth is that strength training isn't going to turn you into a bodybuilder overnight. Picking up heavy things hasn't made you into a bulky mess so far, after all!

The women who look bulky after strength training are those that eat, train, and take supplements specifically to allow them to look that way. In other words, if you're not aiming towards having bulkier muscles, then you're not going to get them. Strength training facts reveal that a good routine will make your muscles stronger - but not necessarily bigger - unless you're also pumping yourself full of testosterone every time you hit the gym.

Look Great, with Strength Training


If you strength train, eat right, and look after yourself, what you'll actually get is the "lean" toned look that you see in supermodels and beautiful celebrities across the world. In other words, you can stop worrying about which weights you can pick up, and which you need to avoid - just push yourself to get stronger, and you'll look incredible.



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