Top 5 Things you need to know about Large Exercise Mats

Large Exercise Mats have grown in popularity during the past couple of months since the worldwide Covid-19 lockdowns made changes in how we keep ourselves fit and healthy despite the inability to do our usual workouts at the gym.

Thanks to online fitness equipment stores like ActiveGear, fitness buffs from all over the world have managed to stay fit and proper inside the comfort of their homes by purchasing Large Exercise and Workout Mats.

Despite the easing of restrictions, experts say that people will still opt to stay at home which means some of the things we did at home during the past year are here to stay, including indoor workouts and exercises . 

But before you go online and shop for a mat, please be reminded that not all workout mats are the same. Factors in choosing the perfect mat for you include size,quality,comfort,durability, and safety. These are very important things to consider for a worry-free and best bang for the buck value for that all-important home gym mat.

So whether you're up for a light morning stretch or a heavy weekend burner; 

Here are the Top 5 Things you need to know about Large Exercise Mats. 

1. Why do you need exercise mats?

exercise mat and dumbell

Exercise mats help protect you from potential injuries and your floor from unnecessary damage and scratches. We use mats at home to protect our floors from damage caused by shoes,weights, and kettlebells among others.

Other types of mats like a yoga mat are used to protect the body from injuries that may occur when doing exercises on a mat-less floor.While it is perfectly fine to do your workouts on your floor or carpet, you are limited to what kind of exercises you can do. 

A premium large exercise mat is the ideal equipment you can use so you can maximize your essential workout at home. Home gym mats can also save you money from potential damages to your floors.

2. Size Matters

man and woman working out on large exercise mat

Depending on your workout and your body size, a large exercise mat will provide you the much needed space and comfort you need. A dedicated workout mat should be large enough for your body size and spacious enough for freedom of movement.

The best workout floor mats come in 6-Foot X 4-Foot, 6-Foot X 6-Foot, and 8-Foot X 6-Foot size variations. 

You can go for the 6’X4’ size for solo workouts and light exercises.

For a wider range of cardio and yoga workouts, you can opt to buy the wider square 6’X6’ size variant .

And for extreme routines including cardio, dance classes, and partner workouts, your best bet would be the extra large 8’X6’ variation.

All these sizes also feature a 7 millimeter padding thickness and non-slip surface for the best exercise mat experience.

It is strongly recommended that you measure your available space before choosing the size of your mat to be sure you’ll have the best size mat for your home.

3. What can you do with exercise mats?

man and woman raising hands while exercising on large exercise mat

Mats for home workouts are extremely useful for various exercise scenarios. Doing crunches or sit-ups on a bare hard floor can be both back-straining and uncomfortable. 

Heavy gym equipment like treadmills and heavy weights can also damage your floors so having a dedicated high-quality mat can avoid that and save you money for repairs.

More importantly, large exercise home mats provide you the comfort and stability you need when doing light or heavy exercises at the comfort of your own home.

Some of the types of exercises you can do with a large workout mat are HIIT, CROSSFIT, and PX90, among others.

4. Is an exercise mat the same as a yoga mat?

woman carrying a large exercise mat

A yoga mat usually is thicker compared to an exercise mat. Yoga mats must be used barefoot because of the softer padding. An exercise mat on the other hand, has a firmer and thinner material than a yoga mat and is usually used for a more intense workout routine. This makes exercise mats perfect for workouts with your shoes on.

Yoga mat surface can be used for stretching, pilates, ab workouts, and light exercises while heavier and more intense workouts require a dedicated exercise mat.

5. How do I choose an exercise mat for my home gym?

workout equipments on large exercise mat

Choose the best gym mat that is made from high-quality non-slip material and a large size mat that can accommodate your workout style. 

ActiveGear large exercise mats are craftmade from high-quality materials that prevent slips and are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

ActiveGear exercise mats are also available in various sizes that will surely enhance your workout experience.

So what are you waiting for?

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